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SOCON AQ Craziness

Montana Gym Rat

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Well, with Samford beating Chattanooga this weekend, the SOCON AQ has some interesting potential outcomes.

It all depends on Furman vs Wofford (Seriously).

- If Furman loses to Wofford: Chattanooga and Samford would be the last two teams who would possibly get the AQ. If Samford beats Elon, they take it given the head to head win over Chattanooga. If Samford loses to Elon, Chattanooga would get the AQ.

- If Furman beats Wofford AND Samford beats Elon: There would be a three way tie for first, and a four-way tie for 4th (Yikes) (If ASU beats WCU). Samford beat Chattanooga, Chattanooga beat Furman, and Furman beat Samford. Okay - on to the next step: record vs next best team. Wofford would be the next best team, as they and Appalachian State would have 2-1 records vs the 4 teams tied for 4th. Since Wofford beat ASU head to head, Wofford is the 4th best team in the conference. But that doesn't help, all three teams beat Wofford. On to App St: no help, all three beat them too. Okay, onto GSU because they beat Citadel. Furman & Safmord beat them, but Chatt lost. And Furman beat Samford head to head...

Furman would get the AQ in this scenario.

- If Furman beats Wofford and Samford loses to Elon: Chattanooga would get the AQ because they beat Furman head to head.

So in two of these scenarios, Chattanooga takes the AQ. In one each, Furman or Samford take the AQ.

What's probably most interesting about this conference AQ situation, is that none of the three teams actually control their own destiny. They need other things to happen for them to get the AQ.

NOTE - if someone double checks my logic and notices something different, point it out please.
Also should point out that if WCU beats ASU, the tiebreaker would still fall to GSU and that middle scenario wouldn't change.