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So How's Ochs doing?


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Let's crunch some numbers and you decide. This will be passing.

In just a game and a third here is where he sits. How I arrived at the 1/3 game is this. Against Poly he didn't play the 1st quarter, he came in and played only half the 2nd Quarter. He didn't play the 3rd quarter till there was just a few seconds on the clock. He played about 2/3 of the 4th quarter as the Coaches put the Freshmen back in for the last two posessions. So he played a half quarter and two thirds of a quarter in the Poly game. That's about 1/3 of a game. I think a little less, maybe 18 minutes.

He is 27-43 or 62.8% completions.
He has 353 yards passing.
He has 1 TD and 1 pick.

Now though the TD's are low (they should be 3-4) these are some pretty darn impressive numbers for a gimpy QB that's maybe 75-80% mobility and hasn't practiced for 7 weeks.

I'm impressed and I feel that he will be doing these type numbers every game soon. Only with 2-4 passing TD's a game of course! :D
I agree with your assessment ronbo. I think that Ochs is doing just fine considering his health and the plays he is being given by the OC. If he stays healthy he is only going to get better and better. I also believe that he needs to get better and better as does the OC's play calling. Course maybe the two go hand in hand. :wink: