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So, How do we beat ISU


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All right fella's, let's be done beating each other up and concentrate on the up coming game. Those of you who watched kitty's play isu, what do the Griz need to do to beat isu. Is isu a run team or a pass team? Is there defense stout or what?
why worry about it? just listen to rainbo, and rest assured that the griz have already won the game, due to superior offensive coordinating. don't know why anybody would even bother to watch.
Well I'm convinced that Rhonda is PHENICE and he's just trying to save his job. Or, maybe he's a closet bobcat and he see's that the cats only hope of a win over us this year is by keepig Rhonda/ Phenice in place as the play caller, Kramers already seen one tape of one game - that's all any coach really has to watch cause they are all the same, VERY PREDICATABLE - except IDAHO, Neuhisel must of called that one cause Phenice - AKA Rhonda- doesn't have a clue, and doesn't know what an option is.
Bear ass is a whiner. Whaa! Whaaa! Whaaaa! Bitch moan whine.
does anybody on this board no anything about football? in particular, has anybody played football at the college level? simply criticizing because the team doesn't perform to one's agenda (which seems to be almost everbody) does not mean the team is bad. it is quite amazing that the grizzlies take the best shot from every team that they play week in and week out. trying to weather the storm from every team is the key...taking what the opponent is giving is fundamental to football. grinding out a win against wsu is a dominate performance when you consider what really occurred! what should the griz have done different? not fumble the ball? certainly, but that is beyond the control of the OC and team. the fact that they ran it up there ass and stuffed their offense is a reason to be excited about this team. try to view this team in a realistic context and realize the balanced potential. the griz have the talent and they find a way to win...everyone seems to rule out the emotional aspect of the game. what the griz have done is quite amazing at any level. nobody ever considers that the other team plays "lights-out". most teams have their best game against the griz. the fact that the griz meet this challenge and win is exceptional. unfortunately, this will probably meet stiff criticism. most people on this board, apparently, have little to no actual football experience. hopefully, this post will be received in the spirit that is given. good luck griz
I agree. Lets quit bashing the team and coaches and get behind them. Remember good teams find a way to win and the bottom line is W's and L's and we have much more of the W's than most other schools.
For the most part, every team we play brings their A game when they play the Griz. Even when a team that has no shot at the playoffs (EWU last year) they play us tough. The EWU website has a big tribute to the 2002 Eagles for putting an end to our record tying win streak :fist: . It didn't matter to their fans or players that they sucked last year and their season was over, they felt like they won the lottery for beating us.
Yes, I like most people would love to see balls a flyin and 40+ points a game (I keep thinking were playing possum with this run attack and that we will unleash an aerial assult when least expexcted.....does anyone remember when the seamingly "ground bound" Leathernecks of Western Illinois lit us up via the pass for over 50 points), but a win is a win and it gets us one step closer to the ultimate goal. This week we should move from 6 to 5 in the polls, with the Furman loss. I look to the schedules and see that Western Illinois, Delaware and McNeese all have some tough games ahead (not that we don't). If we keep plugging along and the others hopefully stumble :evil: , we should be sitting in the top 2 to 4 just in time for playoffs :D .
Let's keep up the spirits and our reputation as the best venue/fans in the country for 1AA football.
Right on, Sgriz!! The negativity does get exaggerated because the worse offenders are the most vocal and spew their "The Grizzlies are the worst team ever and are getting worse every week." message over and over and over and over ........ Many posters that have positive or constructive messages get tired of the detritus on the board and just leave.
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