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Smith Cited with D.O.C, and Obstructing a Peace officer.



From the Kaiman
A UM football player was arrested Saturday in Miller Hall and cited with disorderly conduct and obstructing a peace officer, both misdemeanors, police officials said. Vernon Smith, a junior cornerback from San Diego, Calif., was part of a larger group that was asked to leave the dorm by a resident assistant at about 9 p.m., said Lt. Jim Lemcke, the assistant director of Public Safety. “The R.A. didn’t believe they were allowed in the dorm,” Lemcke said. “The guys believed she was incorrect and they didn’t leave, so the R.A called the police.” Lemcke would not comment on why the R.A. said the men were not allowed in the dorm. When Public Safety arrived, the men scattered, refused to talk to police and continued to be loud and disorderly, Lemcke said. “Smith did not cooperate with police officers and continued to yell obscenities,” Lemcke said. Smith was then cuffed and arrested, according to Lemcke. Residence Life Director Ron Brunell said he would not comment on the issue. UM head football coach Joe Glenn said, “we will let things shake down and let the authorities figure it out.” Smith refused to comment when questioned Tuesday after practice.

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