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Slow down....

Haven't had the snow yet here in Helena to force us into hibernation! In fact been out riding the mountain bike at lunch and saw a few guys on the golf course this weekend.
That's the problem. Just not enough snow and bad inclimate weather to force people indoors to post stuff on this board.

Other than that, football is over, except recruiting and there hasn't been much info on that to spice up the board much.

Plus, when there are less than 18% of Griz Football fans interested in basketball, there will not be much life on that subject.

So that leaves it all up to just plain idle chit-chat like how is your golf game going? Skiing is certainly the rocks unless you do it on water.
My son and I played 9 holes on Saturday and Sunday here in Missoula. Ground was kind of frozen on Saturday, but boy those drives went a long way!!!! :D
Next time you go, let me know and maybe we'll tag along. I've been itchin to play and the J-man is too. I bet your boy is almost beating you isn't he?
We won't discuss who beat who, but when I told him he was hitting the ball really well, his response was "yeah, I am." Oh, the arrogance of youth.
Played a few years ago at the U course with a guy and his son(about 15-16 years old). Apparently, dad and son had a deal that the first time son beats his dad golfing, son get his own car. :D

Well, dad is playing the worst friggin' game of his life through the first 7 holes. :evil: Trails the son by 5 or 6 strokes. The son is jacked! 8) :D Thinks the car is in the bag. 8)

No. 8, dad birdies, son bogies! :eek: The son still figures he's got it locked up and they'll get to go car shoppin' after the round.

No. 9 dad blasts a drive about 300 yards down the middle, turns to the kid gives him a little wink and smile :wink: , then watches his son slice his behind the driving range net. Dad goes on to a two putt birdie, and son...

let's just say he still has his own personal chauffer. :cry:
Great story. I don't think I will make that bet with my son. He is 7, and shot a 64 on the front 9 at MCC this past spring (a month after his 6th birthday). No mulligans, no gimme's. If he stays interested, he will be kicking my butt way before he gets his license.

I guess I could make the bet, and then make him keep playing with the same clubs he has now, instead of buying new ones to fit him. :wink:

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