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Sinking Ship!

I am amazed! I thought I had heard it all! But talk about fair weather fans. It is obvious to me that most of the individuals that send in comments on this board have little or no real knowlege of football. Like someone else said there is a reason that Coach Hauck and his staff are getting paid to coach and we aren't. They do know what the hell is going on. I have yet to see a coach, any coach, make a throw, a catch, make or miss a tackle, cause a fumble or score a touchdown. Get real! Need an example of the bonehead reasoning and questioning of coaches. How about "why did Hauck fake punt on his own 25 yard line"? When are you supposed to punt? Midfield? That's why trick plays work. Understand....?

If any of you have actually played or coached the game you would understand that momentum does exist. And, once lost, for whatever the reason it is hard to get back. I'm not making excuses. This is a loss that should have never happenned. But, If the Griz are for real, they'll rebound like we all think they can. Bobby and his staff will get things cranked up. Then we can all worry about something else earth shattering like the price of tea in China.
Anyone that doesn't understand that the COACH is the MOST important piece in the puzzle DOESN'T know anything about football.

Game plan
Players starting

You can go on and on. Ask the folks in Green Bay how important the coach is.

Vince Lombardi?
People are going to call for a coach's head the first time he loses any ugly game. Personally, I hate all this negativity that's going on. I'm sticking with Bobby Hauck. And I'll tell you what, if we lose again next week I just might join the other side, but we're going to win, so all you fair-weather bungholes reading this can just shut the hell up until then. I'm confident that by next Saturday, our coaches will have put together one hell of a gameplan, and after what transpired yesterday, they're not going to let it happen again.
Quote "Anyone that doesn't understand that the COACH is the MOST important piece in the puzzle DOESN'T know anything about football."

Ronbo...I disagree. I would rather have good players then a good coach. There are plenty of examples of a good team going bad with the same coach. Example. Pittsburg steelers had chuck Knoll and great players and won 4 super bowls. The players retire and Chuck stays on and the team stinks.
Swarthout for the Griz in late 60's and 70's wasn't a good coach. He had a good assistant in Elway but he had outstanding players. Players are more important.
Simple game...block, run and tackle better than your opponent and you win. ND did that better on Saturday. We have good players.
We can still win and improve. I saw open receivers...I saw a freshman running back that was impressive I still believe we'll be OK. Was I disappointed...yes...will we make the playoff...hope so. It will be up to the kids on the field to get us there coach can only do so much.

I just hope some of you don't sprain your ankles jumping off the band wagon.
This was the second game that Hauck has ever coached. He will learn from this experience, and will have a better game plan next week.
I'm not jumping off the bandwagon. After the Griz go 6-6 this year and take a big 5th in the Big Sky I will still be on the bandwagon.

They will lose to Idaho State, NAU, Sac. State, and MSU and Eastern Washington with this pathetic coaching staff.

But I'll still cheer them on.

You all wanted a coach that had roots to Montana, well you got him. Now live with it and Rah, Rah, how he just needs experience. Yeah he sure does and maybe he'll have it 6 losses from now.

Oh we need a coach with Montana connections, pathetic nepotism.
Anytime anyone says anything about what might be wrong here they are accused of being a bandwagoner.

Well I was in my seat screaming for every second of the game when these accusers were in the field in the 3rd quarter expanding their beer guts and letting our team down.

They are worse than bandwagoners, they are tailgaters and that's what they like about the games. Win or lose, that's the important thing, tailgating. Fake fans, just picnickers.
I can understand your frustration with this---and I'll bet most of the Egrizers can too. But it just doesn't seem helpful to those Griz kids (or coaches) to presuppose they are going to lose all those upcoming tough games. If I had to guess, I'd say it strikes a nerve precisely because it's the same fear that's in the back of most of our minds. But just because it's lurking there doesn't mean it's going to happen---kinda like when I was a kid and I was sure if I walked up that dark staircase I was absolutely convinced a vampire was going to jump out and nail me. Didn't happen.
I agree, I apologize. I will give the coaches the benefit of doubt. Let's see how they do this year and then make an intelligent decision about keeping them. Or do we need to have two disaster seasons?
If the Griz go .500 or below it will mean the end of this coaching staff. But that decision would be at the end of the season, not now after two games when there is still plenty of time to bounce back.

If griz finish .500 or below and Hogan keeps this staff, it will make a whole mockery over the firing of former BB coach Don Holst.

But lucky for us, we really do not have to worry about that now. And I sure as heck do not want to worry about it.
This doomsday talk is getting kind of funny actually. If you want to condemn coaches after two games, then fine, I won't call you bandwagoners. These guys are going to right the ship if you have patience. And it's not as if we're 0-2. We already know the Griz can play. They just have to put that on the field every game.
Just because someone is dissapointed with the coaching for a game or 2 and/or with the play of the team doesnt make them bandwagon fans.
That's their opinion and they can still support the team while recognizing its shortcomings. Thats certainly more honest than saying everything is perfect.
Lets get real here guys we lost to a division II team. No offense to them, but we have the talent to beat any team in div1-aa.

I was less than thrilled with certain aspects of the coaches and a small amount of the players in the last 2 games, but i'm sticking with the team and the coaches. I'll always back the Griz no matter what win or lose.

And Chris Snyder, keep your head up! we're sticking with you too!!!!
Yeah, props to Chris Snyder. He's as good a kicker as anyone else in I-AA. He'll have better days.
Like everybody else I was pretty disapointed wiht teh 2nd 1/2 yesterday, but I don't understadn teh talk about 2 bad games in a row - did't Maine's 44-21 blowout of Hofstra bring the victory into a little better light? There is no way we should have lost yesterday given the big lead, but I suspect at the end of the season we may look back and see we had a pretty tough schedule against some good teams to start with. I think the coaches will get it together and this may sting some of the players into realizing that they can't win on reputation and have to play tough every down. And if teh fans don't come back and fill the stadium, well that's more room for me to spread out and less traffic to get to the game.
I was happy as a clam yesterday in my new North End Zone seat, and even happier still to find out that the lady sitting next to me is pretty hot... Griz Football was back in session, hunting season is just around the corner, the smoke is starting to clear, and all was good in my world...then the second quarter started, and we all know what happened next.

I'm still getting over it, and I don't have any bad feelings about Bobby Hauck, and his staff. I say give them a chance. Sweet Mother of Pearl, if a team like the Bobcats, with Kramer as the coach can be beat by a Div II team, and make it to the playoffs to give a very good McNeese team a fight, there is ZERO, ZIP, and NADA reasons that we can't.

I'm not sure I'd want to be a Bearkat next Saturday. Did I mention that the woman sitting next to me was hot?