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simply Priceless


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Since I'm new to this site, I suppose I'd better stand up and introduce myself.....
Hi, My name is Jenny, I'm 25 and I was born and raised in Missoula, a true Griz fan since birth. My grandparents have been boosters for the football program since I can remember so I have had the privilege of watching games from the best seats in the stands (50 yrd line, 1st row, East side) My grandparents still sit there every game so if you see them, just say hi!!!
I attended the U for 3 years as an Athletic Training major, until I packed up my car and moved to the center of Hell (Phoenix) :evil: which is where I currently lay my head. I work full time and go to school in my spare time.... as a Psychology major, but you can always find me at Duke's bar on a Saturday afternoon cheering my team on!! It's nowhere near as fun as Washington Grizzly Stadium, but we still make the best of it!!
I'm currently on a mission to convert these so-called fans here into Grizzly faithful...which is surprisingly easy when you all you have to cheer for are big disappointment teams like ASU and the Cardinals!
Still, I miss the Party scene up in Montana, we sure know how to hold it down!!! :drinking: I make a trip up there for Christmas every year and usually during the summer also. So if you see a new face, come say hi!!! I can usually be found wandering between Stocks, Ironhorse, Boardroom, Red's...and wherever else my Brothers drag me to. And I certainly don't mind meeting new people!!!

Oh, I guess I need to add my stats.....5'10", 135. brown hair, brown eyes, and finally....very single and waiting for that man to take my breath away...but until then, I'm just trying to have a good time!!!