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Should we plan a party?!

Should we have a party?

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In preparation for the first home game, I'm wondering if we should plan some type of party or meet/greet before the game. I think it would be cool to meet many of you and toss back a few cold ones before we start kickin some butt!

If there is some ample interest, I'd be happy to be the designated party planner.

Leave feeback here!

Yeah...that would be great......one thing though, can your fly my wife and I home to Missoula from Baton Rouge, LA on that weekend????
I think it would be a great idea!! We could have a lot of fun, make it the eGriz.com tailgate party for every homegame!! It could be huge!! Lets start planning so it can be awesome, lets get the word out. If anyone has ideas put them here!! Go GRIZ!!
Just moving this up the list to see if we can get some interest in a little pre-game festivities.

I think that it is a great idea. I am new to the boards and haven't done any posting but I cruise them daily for any new info.
If you get this going I'd be willing to help if you need some. We get back late Friday night from NY but Saturday morning I'd be available.
Let me know if you get this off the ground!
I'm new to this board, but I'll be checking in every once in a while...I won't be able to make it to Missoula much this fall, but I should be able to get there for the annual Bobcat whuppin'. I'd definitely be down with a little pregame festivities for that one.
Ok, I am back, so as Pink says,