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Should Edwards be the starting QB?


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I keep hearing from some grizzly faithful out here in Spokane that Edwards is only the starting QB because of his father's donation for the "sport-turf" that was installed last year in Missoula. Is there any truth to this or is he the real deal? They tell me that the backup is a better QB and has a better arm. They keep referring to him as "Johnny Montana".
Just curious.........
I sometimes wonder the same thing, "should Edwards be the QB". But then I stop to think about how the Griz have played - been to the championship twice with one win. I really don't think that Coach Glenn would play politics as far as quarterbacks go. He puts the best man for the job in. I think we still expect our QB's to be like those of the past and throw for 300+ all the time. Well I for one like the fact that we can now hold on to the ball and run the clock out when needed. Anyway, I say, "don't fix it, if it aint broken". Plus it is hard for me to make an unbiased judgement when I live here in Phoenix and don't get to see the games live. By the way, I get to see every game via satellite at a local bar owned by a lush from Butte. But still not the same as being able to see the whole field.
Should he start? Yes. Look, the kid is 20-1 as a starter. Are you telling me his "better" back-up would be 20-0, and was his back up even on the team when we played GSU? Come on now, just because Edwards's familly has money doesn't mean his father bought him his starting position. I suppose they bought his athletic ability too?

Is he a Dickenson as a passer. No, not even near Dickenson, but then again, we're not going to see a passer like Dickenson for a few years to come (forget the Ochs arguement). John proved he can pass against Idaho. Our offensive woes previouse to the Idaho game weren't due to Edwards and his passing either. He threw a lot of good balls that were just flat out dropped. Most likely because of "rookie" syndrome and adrenaline on the recievers part, but not because John isn't a phenom passer. Maybe the Edwards familly money should go towards recievers instead.

Payoff, bribe, holding money over the U's head my ass. He's a starter because he's a winner. 20-1. Remember that the next time he passes for 300+ yards and eludes the D and runs one in himself (and it will happen again). Look for "Johny Montana" to go 21-1 this weekend. And you can bank on that.
As a fervent Griz fan, and #5 supporter, I say John is right where he needs to be...he earned it and paid for it with his ABILITY, not his Dad's money. Nothing is broke in the QB department for the Griz, so there is absolutely zero reason to "fix" anything, but I do find GREAT comfort in the fact that Brandon Neil is the backup...should anything become "broke"
Shakermaker said it. Edwards is 19-1 as a starter. I find it funny that many of those who are now saying that Edwards shouldn't be starting are the same who said he should have been starting ahead of Drew Miller. True, he isn't as good of a passer of some of the past quarterbacks. But, could any of those quarterbacks scramble and run like Edwards? The answer is no. Edwards' running ability has helped us win several games. As for his dad, there is no doubt that Cliff has a strong personality. There are lots of people who don't like him and lots who love him. Regardless, even if he did donate the money for the turf (does anyone know if this is true or just a rumor?), that is not why John is starting. He is starting because he is the best we got -- and that is pretty good if you ask me.
Once again... 20-1 8) ! Any questions? Good. He's the starter, Joe Glenn's decision... stop thinking cash money has something to do with it.
Wow, kind of thought this wasn't an issue.

I don't care if Johns dad OWNS the University.

Simple facts are that...
1. Edwards is playing great
2. He's a Winner! 20-1 as a starter.
3. Very valuable Team Leader

If he starts being ineffective for whatever reason, ANY QB should be looked at. That is simply not the case here. Brandon Neil is a very capable QB as well. It's unfortunate that he's coming in behind John Edwards who has proven himself time and time again.

I think it will be a much more heated rivalry next season when Och's and Disney battle for the starting spot. We have a very talented pool of QB's now. Ochs, Disney, Seles(sp?) and Justin Hartman from CMR too. Lots of talent coming down the pipe... should be interesting.

And the fact that we got a great new playing surface for one reason or another doesn't bother me one bit... :wink:

I heard a lot more of these grumblings from Grizfans last year and at the beginning of this year but I always try to make a valid case for #5.
Fact is, he is a winner. I actually thought he was a better QB than Miller was the year we lost to GS. Believe me...........I fully support #5 but I just wanted to hear if that same subject comes up in my home town of Missoula. Thanks for the replies!!
I rarely post to this board (enjoy it immensely) but I couldn't resist on this issue. John might not be the best passer in Griz history but after witnessing his effort in Moscow last Saturday I even question that. IMHO Johnny Montana IS the best qb to ever wear a Griz uniform maroon and sivler, or copper and gold. The kid is an amazing leader, a great athlete and most importantly he has a heart the size of Montana. JE is the only returing qb in Griz history with a Nat'l Title under his belt. Even DD never acheived that. If you haven't had the chance to meet JE and his family make a point of it. He's a very personable guy and his family will impress you even more. We are very fortunate to have JE and we all should appreciate him while we have him.
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John Edwards better than Super Dave Dickenson???????????????????????

Please tell me that you are joking............

I love John Edwards....he is a winner, But he has also had a pretty good team around him, i.e. Yo.

All I can say is that if you think John is better than Dave, you didn't watch Dave play. That, or you are smokin some really good stuff!

Dave did unreal, superhuman things. John is great....but not super human. I can not even type on this subject any more.....

John is good......but Super Dave is the best QB to ever play for the Griz and it ain't even close!
Take John out, Griz still would have been 20 - 1. Take Dave Dickenson out, would not have won the national championship in 1995 and most likely wouldn't have reached it.

Dave was the most important player on the offense during his years here. John is on a team that has more depth and talent surrounding him and has a better backup QB that has better mechanics than him.

So, no, you can't compare the two because of the 20 - 1 record. One (Dave) was more valuable to the team than John and would have been missed more if out of the lineup.
No one disagrees with the fact that Dickenson was great... thats a given.

But you guys need to live in the here and now... Edwards is what we got and he's the BEST in the Big Sky (arguable I know) and a Walter Payton Candidate. By the way you hear Tony Moss talk him up, you'd think Tony would outright give him the trophy today.

This thread wasn't about Dave -vs- John. Its like apples to oranges, two different era's of great Grizzly Football. Let each one live separately...

And thats all I got to say about that..... Forest Gump
I would agree to living in the here and now....but here is why we can not do that.

Dave was sooo awesome that he is a major factor in the program we have now! Had Dave not been so good, it is likely that may recuits would have opted for other pasture. Which could have left Edwards a bobkitten.........did I really just type that out loud?

History is a major part of all sport. You can always go back in a schools history and find the point where things turned around. Dave was and is a major part of our schools tradition and mistique.

I'm sorry...... but I must state this again. If you do not believe Super Dave is the best QB to suit up for the Griz, you never saw Dave play. It is that simple.
There are other factors that have lead to the program we have now. The stadium is a part of that as is the Don Reed era. But Dickenson is equally as important.

Just thought Iclear that up before I got scolded. :lol:
DD is DD. That is why the retired his jersey. I would never try to take anything away from Dave because in my mind DD is the greatest. However, Dave never played his senior year with a Nat'l Championship under his belt. JE is our qb and he still has 10 games left to make his mark. How fortunate for us Griz fans to even have a qb great enough to compare with the greatest of all time Dave Dickenson. My point is enough of the JE ctiticism already. He's a damn good one and we are oh so fortunate to have him leading our Grizzlies.
John Edwards should not even be mentioned in the same breath as Dave Dickenson. PERIOD!! Edwards is a winner, yes, but he is not even close to the same talent as DD. This thread was a question of Edwards vs the backup. I am a supporter of #5 as mentioned earlier but some Griz faithful over here just rip him!! Glad to see that Edwards is getting some good support. :)