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Setting the Record Straight on ESPN.COM page 2


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From the TMQ on page 2 (their humorous take on sports page)

Double Bonus Obscure Playoff Score: McNeese State 24, Montana State 20 (Division I-AA quarterfinals). What counts as news at a school at beautiful Bozeman, Mont.? A one-day delay in a professor's appearance on "Good Morning America" to talk about ... snow.

What are they thinking about in Bozeman besides snow? "It is a primary expectation of President Geoffrey Gamble that the University will engage in an open, data-rich budget development process that is directly linked to the maintenance of a long-range plan, the identification of specific strategic priorities, and a detailed assessment of resource allocation outcomes."

Hop on over and spin off a quick response to the ole TMQ to set the record straight that the Bobcats didn't get beat TWICE by McNeese.
How hard is it to check you own website and find that Montana and Montana State are two different schools?
Yep, I sent him an email. I even asked him to attend home games for each school, I am sure he would never forget the difference between the two schools then.