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Selected National Stats


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UM is 1st in net punting, tied for 4th in turnover margin, 13th in 3rd down conversion percentage, 2d in passing yards per completion (16.62), 7th in scoring offense, 17th in total offense, 2d in team passing efficiency (.2 behind EWU), 15th in rushing offense, 2d in red zone defense, 20th in rushing defense, 26th in total defense, 9th in scoring defense, 8th in fewest penalties and 20th in fewest penalty yards, each per game.

JJ is 2d in passing efficiency, 44th in total offense, the only qb in the 105 listed in passing efficiency to not have an interception, 8th in passing TD's, 2d in passing yards per completion (the PSU qb is 1st),

Goodwin is no. 1 in passes defended. Henderson is tied for 6th in passing reception TD's. Shaw doesn't have enough punts to be listed, and the UM and conference stats haven't been updated, but I would guess he would be at about no. 3. Certainly top 6.
Shaw (46.2) would be 3d in punting if he had enough punts to be listed in the national stats. 47.9 and 47.7 are in front of him, including the PSU punter. CP's punter averages 44.
Going to be interesting with Polys high-powered run offense vs. our league-leading run defense. Should be quite a battle up front.
hm.grwn.grizfan said:
But, but, but.....according to scat fans we haven't played anybody so those stats are meaningless :roll:

Dammit I keep forgetting that. :oops: