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See Future Griz play tonight



In case anyone is interested the Braves starting RB, Lex Hilliard(said to be headed to UM next fall), can be seen tonight at Missoula County FB/track stadium. The game vs Hellgate starts at 730 pm.
I haven't heard where he's going. I'm not even sure if he's that good. He's big, like Ryan, but I saw some TV footage of him and he throws a hell of a 'quack' ball. Doesn't have much on it. There hasn't been any 'talk' about him being the next best thing.

If anything, I'd hope he's learned a lesson from his big bro and to check his attitude at the Registrars office, where ever he ends up.

Reminds my of a funny joke I heard once:
If you put the head of Dave Dickenson on the body of Ryan Leaf, you'd get a NFL Hall of Famer. If you put the head of Ryan Leaf on Dave Dickenson... you'd get Bart Simpson!
lol ROFLMAO...
How True!
From what I've seen in person of the younger Leaf he's not who the Griz need.
I've heard that teams such as Missouri have looked at him, but no offers yet. I don't see any major arm strength on his part, but MAYBE he might get better. He has to windup from the ground behind him to throw 30 yards. That Matt Stern kid the Griz have can throw over 60 easy.

Hilliard looked good against Hellgate. He's seems to be a Yo style runner. I'm not saying he's the next Yo, but he has the same jump step style of running, keeps his knees high and drags tacklers(albeit HS FBers).
Also like Yo, his dad is great, at least from the couple of times I've met him. By the way, Lex Hilliard is playing both ways this year, they've also got him at D-end, though I'd use him as a LB if i made him play both sides.
Also, a wr that really stuck out from flathead was Dwyer(i think his name is). He's got game speed and catches VERY well. plays db also. in fact he made a one handed INT. Sorta reminds me of Tate Hancock.