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Season Tickets Online??


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I have been trying to buy my season tickets online like I have done for the last few years. However, on the griztix site I keep getting error messages when I click on the link to sign in. Is anyone else having a problem with this?
I had the same problem when I clicked on the link at the bottom that said click here to sign in. I then clicked on the link on the left side that sais season renewals and that worked for me. Hope this helps.
If you go to the website now it is on the main screen. I was having trouble with the first link too, but now I've got my season tickets. Can't wait for Appy State.
I hate that they want the money now and don't give me my tickets till the end of August. My wife and I always try and Catch a NFL game each year and with travel we end up missing a Griz game. With not getting my tickets till Aug. makes it hard to find someone to use them, or sell them.

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