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Does anyone know if the Griz are playing exhibition games this year? They aren't on the schedule.
November 2nd is their first game, I beleive against the Blue angles. You can see the schedule at
Does anyone know if San Francisco was scheduled as a one time home and home or as a long time commitment?
egriz-are you sure about the schedule? Don't mean to second guess you but the montanagrizzlies.com doesn't have the exhibition games on the schedule, I know at one time they did so I was wondering if they got cancelled or something?
ohyeah, the exhibition games are not on the schedule on montanagrizzlies.com, but there are news articles on montanagrizzlies.com that mention the exhibition games.

Here is a link to an article on the Griz Basketball team that mentions the exhibition games, and confirms the schedule that egriz has for the Griz BB team.


Here is what is said in the article near the bottom:

The Griz will play exhibition games on Nov. 2 and 13, before opening the season on the road at Wisconsin-Milwaukee on Nov. 22.

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