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Sac St. predictions

Sportin' Life

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I think the Griz can start to peek ahead at the good things awaiting them over the next month and a half. I can say that...Joe Glenn can't.

Griz 41
Sac St 13

Go Griz!
Good Guys 48

Mean green Coachless Machine ZERO!

Some will say its bold to predict a shutout - I say its gutless to predict anything else!

So there GGG!

Sac. St. has some studs.......not too many, but a few. Talmage will be missed. Please Lord, no more injuries......AMEN! I don't think that on their best day that the Bees could score too much on our Defense. But how will our offense do minus Talmage? So having noted this................

If it rains:

Da Griz 31
the bumble bees 17

If it is dry:

Da Griz 45
bumblers 7
Hits in the SAC 22
times SACked 5
Brown Bag SACs(in the stands) 20,000
head coaches from SAC 0
upsets by SAC not even close

SACless 10
Three receivers vying for a starting spot this weekend, Zigmund, Hancock, and Heidelberger. Because of this competition between the three, passes will be caught, and yards will be gained. One will have a big game and secure a starting position. Segars will break the 100 yard barrier receiving for the first time. Waller will run for another buck-fifty and at least one touchdown. JE passes for 300 yards and two touchdowns, runs for another.

The defense will bend but not break. We're approaching the time of the season where the defense really starts flexing it's muscles. I'm thinking they will have a solid game.

Montana................ 42
Sac St. .................. 10