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S. Illinois is rolling


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Southern Illinois is winning 28-7 over Northern Iowa in the 3rd.

Looks like they will end the year undeafeated at 11-0.

I think the way McNeese is playing they lose one of the next two games. They play Northwestern State tonight at McNeese and a big game at a hot Nicholls State next week. Nicholls has been whooping opponents good the last three weeks.

If we win at MSU and McNeese loses one we take the second seed and S. Illinois gets the first seed.

Keep your fingers crossed, we need some help from Northwestern or Nicholls.

Of course we can't forget Wofford at 10-1. But I'm thinking we might squeeze them out for number two because their league was so weak this year. They will get the third seed.

Of course this is all speculation, there are always surprises, but schools that pack 20,000 plus get extra consideration. Money talks, Wofford is a small school and doesn't get very good attendance.
ronbo.... don't bet the rent on that one, if them Roosters win next week at Nova, they finish 11-1, with a big wins over 1a Navy and highly ranked UMass. Sorry, but them Cubbies don't have any win over an opponent as good as Navy or UMass. There's just no way that them Cubbies, at 10-2, with a DII loss :eek: should be seeded higher then those AssKickin Chickens, IF they win at Nova next week.
Chicky, we got you beat in all the polls and in the GPI overall. If we win out you will not jump us.

You've had many close calls this year to weak opponents. That is as much a consideration as the loss to the DII.

We'll see how next week plays out. You have a tough one at a very pissed off Nova. They are 7-3 and NEED to beat you to get in the playoffs. You are in either way. They will be HIGHLY MOTIVATED at home.

If we win and you win, I agree, you could get a higher seed than us, but I bet we get no lower than #4.

Oh I think also that you underestimate the Sky. UMass would come in 4th in the Sky this year.
ronbo.... the polls mean little to the committee come selection and seeding time, but I'd be willing to lay a few quid that them Roosters will move ahead of the Cubbies in next weeks polls. :wink:

PS: UMass sure as hell wouldn't finish 4th in the BSC, me thinks you overvalue the strength of the BSC. UMass was the best team UD has played this year, including Navy.
I think SportsNetwork has a more up-to-date scoreboard.

SIU 34
UNI 28

9:20 to go in the 4th.
Foghorn Leghorn,
It's too bad that your 1 loss came at the time of year that it hurts the most.
That must have been an incredible game. Keep in mind, it's SIU's only loss. We need to keep an eye on McNeese State. A loss by them would be much more beneficial to the Griz, according to Tony Moss.