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Riddle was named Frontier Conference basketball player of the week, he had 60 points in two games, 22 of 32 field goals, including 10 of 15 from 3 point range, and 6 of 8 free throws. I think he wasn't given a fair chance to play here and we let a good one get away. I know this was against teams that are not D1, but it still shows that he is a talented player.
I agree Riddle has the potential to be a good player, but I think he was given plenty of chances, but had too many To's. It seemed to me that he was trying to be too fancy, and ended up putting passes where they wouldn't go, then got upset with himself and things got worse. Also, he played point at Montana, what is a point gaurd doing scoring 30 points per game - that just wouldn't happen at D-1. Sounds like he made the right choice to transfer, now he can have fun again.
not to mention the two teams Western have played would get beat by Sentinel. And from what I know and have seen, it was his defense that kept him from fitting it.......he didn't play any. That's why he went to Western, they don't play any either.
I've watched him since he was in high school, and he is a talented ball player. However, being an ex-girlfriend of a Griz basketball player I know that when he started playing at the U his attitude and his head got so big that it worked everyone's patience real quick...I've even witnessed him start fights with his own high school friends because they didn't worship him like he thought they should. I think Western is a good place for him so he can shine the way he always wanted to.
Priceless ... Your post speaks V-O-L-U-M-N-S about young men and woman that rise to fast in their athletic careers before they mature.

It's the old classic syndrome of STUDS TO DUDS!

I wish Sam well and hope he gets it figured out.
I know Sam pretty well from back in middle school through high school. Playing playground basketball, the kid was a god. His court vision is unreal. But Priceless is absolutely right. As soon as he got into college, his head got so big it could have been its own float in the Macy's Parade. Everytime I saw him he acted bigger than life, and it took everything I had not to stomp him. I'm glad he's getting a chance to play, however. He trully does have a gift when it comes to basketball, but that doesn't always equate into being a good team player and he just didn't fit in wiht Montana's style. At Western, he'll fit in just fine and be given the freedom on the court he needs.
Speaking of Sentinel they should have an awesome boys basketball team this year. With player like Jordan and Kellen Hasquet. Jordan is going to go play for the Griz next year!!!!!!!!!! :D
On a related note, the Class AA boys state tournament is scheduled for the Adams Center this year. Go Missoula schools.
I don't think the tourney has been there since I watched Scott Zannon and Rob Hurley go at each other for 32 minutes. That was such an amazing game, anybody else with me on this one. I'm glad they finally bid for the AA tourney again, it should always be part of the rotation. They need things like that again in Missoula to help the high school sports get more recognition. They are in a serious slump at this point.
Riddle was given plenty of chances here. He transfered because he wanted more playing time than Coach Kennedy wanted to give him. One of the guys told me that Riddle wanted to play at least 30 min a game which is next to impossible with Mansell on the team. Riddle is a good shooting point guard but Mansell is a better defender. Plus Riddle knew that Kennedy had recruited Booker to come here as well and he knew he'd get even less playing time so he left.
I hope Sam continues to do well. I don't believe he would have played much for the GRIZ this year. Mansell is off to a great start and Booker plays better defense than Sam and can go to the hole in a way that no recent GRIZ point guard has been able to do.

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