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Rick Neuheisel visits Griz


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I just got back from Missoula and haven't read through all these posts from yesterday to see if the subject has come up, but Rick Neuheisel was at the game Saturday. According to the Spokesman-Review, Neuheisel gave a speach to the Griz Friday night, then watched the game from a private box. I thought I spotted him on the field during warmups Saturday and a couple of the people in my section said they had beers with him in Missoula earlier in the week.
What's up?? Did the Missoulian mention anything about Neuheisel in their Sunday coverage?
Neuheisal came to Missoula on Friday, with a few friends including his agent. They're both good guys. They all came to see BH and the other former UW coaches and to see the game. As you said, he spoke briefly to the team on Friday and was on the field for part of warmups. He was in the Stocks and Red's on Friday night--the same two places he visited on his last trip to Missoula 10 years ago. He and some of his friends sat in the box of Green63 and Green26 (from the other board). The box was hardly "private", as things were hopping. Guy Bingham and his group, including Rocky Kleever, were there, as were lots of others, including Pat Kennedy and Hogan at times. (While these people were fun and nice, the younger crowd in the box were as much fun, and better to look at.) Neuheisal and his agent loved the stadium and the crowd, and were impressed by the makeshift offense and strong play of the Griz. They remarked how good both punters were, and were impressed with Segars and Snyder. They made positive comments about Green and Hilliard. The Griz offense must have been novel, because RN, despite having talked to BH about the "new" offense and having been at practice on Friday, was having trouble predicting the plays at times. Neuheisal was a walk-on QB at UCLA, but said he had looked at Dartmouth (the school of the Greens) when Buddy Teevens (the current coach at Stanford) was the Dartmouth QB. At the end of the game, they were headed downtown for a bit, before having dinner with BH. I'm sure alot of Griz fans talked to him, as he was friendly and seemed happy to talk to all-comers.
Did you happen to catch the cologne he was wearing?

Just givin ya crap GrizFan5.. seems you like you either sat on his lap all day or have some very good info, which we're all thankfull for. :D
i was thinking the same thing. How do you get all this info?
I sat next to his agent who sat next to RH, so I only know the agent's cologne. I wish I could tell the other stuff I heard. It was a very interesting day. RH was very happy for BH. Griz b-ball had one recruit in this past weekend, and will have a couple more next weekend.

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