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review of new NEZ seats


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For anyone who cares, I thought the seats were awesome - the view of the field was fantastic, no big lines at the consessions or bathrooms (at least when I went). No complaints form me on the expansion.
I agree, I sat in the seats I bought my daughter for christmas. I am ready to trade her for mine. I was on one of the new corner seats and they were excellent. They give the perfect height and angle to watch.
I sit in the front row and have for years, and the new addition looks just amazing. It would be so intimidating for me if I was from a smaller school to run out of that tunnel by the NEZ and look up to that sight.
Seats were Great. Looked like we were watching from above, you could see every hole, every seam.

Only thing to complain about is we were told we'd only have to walk up 8 rows. Turned out to be 24 which is a HUGE problem with my wifes MS... she was struggling in the heat and walking poorly. We'll have to think of some options for her for future games when the heat expected to be high.
We moved from section 109 on the West side to the North East EZ. Great Seats!!! 8) It's cool to be able to watch the plays develop and the holes open up along the line.

For those of you how have always been NEZ fans, you cannot appreciate how loud the NEZ is. When you sit in the middle of the crazies, it doesn't seem loud at all. However, from past experience in section 109, the NEZ ROCKS! when it comes to making noise. I can only imagine what it sounds like with 4000 more crazies making noise. I am happy to say I am now one of them. :silly:

GGG, in regard to your wife's situation, you should contact the Griz Seats office. While they will probably not be able to help you this year. They can probably help you in the future and get you seats that will be easier for you wife to get to. By the way, saw you at the tailgates before the game, didn't stop and say hi due to my kids (3 and 5) having my full attention at the time.

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