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Remember the Kid from Huntley Who Had His Leg Amputated?


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Not Grizzly related, but a very cool story. Wish the kid the very best!!

http://billingsgazette.com/sports/high-school/football/dole-rushes-for-touchdowns-as-project-thumps-joliet/article_5a1f7f44-9813-59b3-ad5b-b65cbebc0dae.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
OldtiredGRiz said:
Very cool indeed; can't say enough about that kid's dedication and courage.

This kid has some serious heart and cojones. Awesome and I will get to watch him play this year. Looking forward to it. I also heard he is walking on for he cats. Best of luck to him. The community has really supported this kid as well. One hell of a sports town.
I remember in the eighties Huntley Project had a wrestler with one arm. First time I saw him I thought it was pathetic until I seen him whip someones ass. He was a tough hombre and knew how to actually take advantage of wrestling without an arm, it's a difficult adjustment for the other wrestler to make. This kid with the missing leg sounds tough as well. Good for him.
Project kids are pretty tough, farm/ranch kids and wanna be ranchers' kids. For a long time they were coached by a Griz alum, Bob Turnquist, a place kicker for the Griz in the early 70's.
KTVQ reported they were giving video feeds of Koni playing to most major networks. I suspect we will see this a lot the next few days.