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Recruits who are interested in the UofM.


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Here are the top recruits...that it seems we might be looking at (from theinsiders.com Mostly from Washington, ORegon, Idaho, and Montana. This is a highly unreliable list, but I thought i would provide it for those who aer interested.

Chris Sundberg: Columbus Montana 6-5 210 (All time leading passer in Montana history.) Colorado State, Montana State, Oregon State, Utah State, Wyoming, Montana are his listed schools. I have it on good authority he is looking really hard at coming here to play.

Quinton Jackson(Renton Senior HS)Renton, WA: 6-0 170 Looks like an option guy, but i am not really sure.

Alex Smart (Mount Si HS) Snoqualmie, WA: 6-3 210 Listed the UofM as his top interest. It appears that we have already offered him a scholarship.

Kyle Miller (evergreen hs) Vancouver, WA: 6-3 195 Has been getting high interest from the University of Montana.

Wide Reciever:
Keith Best: Eugene Oregon 6-4 190: Getting high interest from the UofM. Looks like a Jon Talmage clone.
Matt Troxel: CDA, Idaho. Already committed.

Sam Togar: 5-7 152 and runs a 4-6 40. Seems to be interested in only Eastern and us. From Lakes HS, where Drew Miller was the QB.

Ryan Bagley (CMR) 6-4 with a 4.6 40. We have offered him a scholarship. So has MSU and Wyoming.

Offensive Line:
Pernell Booth: Billings. 6-3 280. We have offered the kid, but it seems that he may be heading elsewhere. WHo knows.
Dan Carter: 6-5 305 Bellingham: Listed Montana as a team that he is interested in.
Jabari Watkins: 6-4 325 Kent, Wa. Seems as if we are competeing against Idaho State for this guy. But who really knows.

Sundberg has been offered by the Cats and the Griz reportly withdrew their offer. The guy we want is Torrey Thomas from Dillon. The guy is a amazing athlete who could play anything he damn pleases at this level from QB to LB.
I had heard different on Sundberg but things may have changed in a few weks. I knew that we liked the Thomas kid, but I wasn't sure what position he was going to play.
I reiterate, anything he wants. He's the real deal. As for recruiting information, I would suggest becoming a member of insiders. Pretty good info for $8 a month. Of course, you put yourself in the "Geek" category, but I've found that to be fine.
Yeah, I have been hearing that about him all year (thomas that is),...as for geek status, I am already there...but I am not sure if i am going to spend $8 on my measly teaching salary.
Sundberg had listed CSU as his favorite and Wyo has quite a few young QB's, includuding an all stater from Kansas who just gave a verbal.

Booth from Billings has stated he wants to play D-1A ball. He has an offer from Wyo in his pocket. NOt sure who else although CSU was rumored
Kind of a homer question here but you have any info on any of those WR at Billings Senior? Seems they run the offense the Griz used to so it would seem one of them would be a good fit.
double-a said:
Kind of a homer question here but you have any info on any of those WR at Billings Senior? Seems they run the offense the Griz used to so it would seem one of them would be a good fit.

Very solid receivers, good hands but not burning speed. not sure if they are getting offers or not. Senior QB was a sophomore and, I believe is a D1A talent. Big, quick, good runner, and an accurate cannon for an arm.
Griz fan 24: Kind of off the subject but why do you have a team with Bobcat colors attached to your name?
Smart and Jackson have both verbaled to UM but sources tell me that Jackson who is actually a pocket passer is going to recind because of UM's lack of a conssitent passing game. Togar is the best of the wideout recruits. He is a LV clone but is a much better route runner already (in case you didn't notice that is the biggest knock on LV is that he can't seem to memorize the playbook). Rumor has it that he also verbaled three months ago but is rethinking to Eastern because of their passing game. Torrey Thomas is a lock. He will play linebacker or strong saftey. Another Montana product that none of you have ever heard of is Daine Solomon from Havre. The Griz have already made an offer but he is interested in trying his hand at pro baseball. He was drafted as a 17 year old last year. He is 6-1, 215 and runs the 40 in 4.5 on bad grass in Havre. He would make a great wideout or defensive back and would be a star at the Big Sky level. I am working on him but he loves baseball. I am a sportswriter for the HDN and he and Thomas are the two best high school football players I saw in person this season. They both would help the Griz after a redshirt year.
I believe Bagley is waiting to hear from Oregon St. and WSU. My impression is that he would probably go there, if offered. I think he likes the Griz too, but I don't know whether he's leaning in that direction.
Mich Griz said:
Griz fan 24: Kind of off the subject but why do you have a team with Bobcat colors attached to your name?

Think class B and to the west of Plains and East of Trout Creek.

While not high school recruits, BH mentioned on his radio show last night that they have been talking to coaches and looking at players from (I think) Eastern Tennessee, who is dropping football. Hauck mentioned that the coaches at that school have told them that all of the players know of UM, its history, reputation, facilities, etc. and that every player there would be interested in UM. Perhaps there are a few plums that can be picked.
Torrey Thomas' dad Terry played defensive back for the Griz in the late 70's/early 80's. Torrey's brother Tyler plays for the Griz now. If I remember correctly, Terry Thomas is related to former Griz coach Gene Carlson. He sure ought to be a lock for the Griz.

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