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the Griz have verbals from a few guys.
Lex Hilliard RB Kalispel.
Mookie Foreman qb, but will play safety, spokene? i do know he is from WA., and has a great name.
More info from me on this tomorrow.
Mookie is from Spanaway Lakes in Tacoma. There are some good prospects playing out here that the Griz are looking at. I have been watching some of these kids play out here that the Griz are interested in and they look good. The only bad thing is these kids all want to go to UW.
It's got to be tough to recruit when you don't know if the current staff plans on sticking around.
Sportin' Life said:
However you get info, please keep it coming. Its gonna be a long off-season, what with all the anticipation.

You talking to me? I don't have any inside info, just my opinion based on what Joe said on his radio show with regards to listening to any offers which meet his criteria.
I don't know who I was talking to grizfnz...I guess just anyone that comes across any interesting info about recruiting or Joe's status or anything, that is hard to find. Damn this is gonna be a long off-season.
It was reported in the Missoulian last week that LB Kyle Ryan from Billings West has also accepted a scholarship. I think he was the Defensive MVP for the All-State team.


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