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The Griz are my second fav football team in the world just behind my beloved UW Huskies. Seeing Hauck come over from the UW kinda got me to thinking of the recruting ramifications this could hold for the Griz.

I wonder how much influence Hauck had in the decision of the QB who just upped with us. In a perfect world hauck would be able to get 30% of the kids that are just below the UW radar or as is the case with the QB (Cole I think was his name) the Huskies were just loaded there for years to come. Hauck I believe had a large part in the UW recruiting and I believe he will still be able to wield alot of power over on the West Coast for the Griz.

I would like all of your thoughts on this as I am not in the loop as far as recruiting goes for the Griz because I am in ND and dont get much info on High School prospects here. I just think that we could be on the verge of just raking in a ton of out of state talent to go with our home grown talent and the results could be some serious ass whippins for the rest of the 1-AA football world.
I think Hauck is going to be great as a recruiter and the possible get of the QB out of Seattle just shows that Hauck has some good connections from being over in Seattle with UW.

I am just the opposite of you, the Griz are my #1 team and the U-Dub Huskies are my second favorite team. I feel bad for Neuheisel but it really sounds like he brought it on himself, he knows better than to pull the sh*t he did. I think Gilbertson will do just fine as the head coach but I am not looking for big things this year from the Huskies.

On the other hand I am looking for big things from Hauck and the Griz this year, I really think we will see big things out of the Griz this year.

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