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Rather than sit here and bitch about how Hauck did this, or Phenecie that or how Ochs is a pussy,...I would rather focus on what the Griz need to do in terms of recruiting to get better....Cause all of this negative crap from some is getting old...I don't want to hear about who is quitting the team, because that is their choice. I would rather focus on the potential list of new grizzlies.

1. Quarterback: This is one thing I am certain, that injuries did us no favors at this position this year.
Ochs: (Senior) If he comes back, I think he will be a ton better. Honestly, I just don't believe that he was completely healthy to show us what he really is capable of. I saw much of it yesterday. He played pretty well before he got hurt. I think if he comes back we will be in great shape.
Disney: (Senior) I think at best he is an above average QB, he showed a lot about his character yesterday. He competes and didn't look bad out there yesterday in a playoff situation.
Hartman/Samson (Sophomores): All things considering, I think that these two did an excellent job given the constraints. I don't know that we will see Samson at QB much anymore. Hartman just has a long way to go. But did well.
Recruiting My guess is that Hauck and Phenecie will try quite hard to bring in a high quality QB. From what I hear that kid from Columbus is a good QB and one heck of a physical specimen. I got to see him on tape and I think he is a good one. I hear that he is really considering coming here.

2. Running Backs: I am not going to go into depth cause we are in good stead here. Recrutiing: I could see them bring in one more for depth purposes, but in all sincerity I don't think it will be an area of concern.

3. Reciever: Okay, I think we had an average group of recievers this year. This group could have been better, for a number of reasons. Our QB problems really hurt the chemistry and forced the hand of our coaches. Moreover, I think that the injury bug hurt Talmage more than people would like to think. I think with the proper amount of focus, this can be a great group next year.

Recruiting: My guess is that this will be an area of great focus from the coaching staff. I don't beleive we have a game breaker at reciever and I think the coaches will focus here. I could see the largest group of recruits come in terms of recievers.

4. O-Line: We lose a lot here and I could see one or two freshmen start at this position next year. We have Rhodes, Proctor, and Green returning. Only Jason Frink saw any grand amount of time. So hopefully some of those kids Hauck recruited last year can step in and play. We are fine at Tight End.
Recruiting: I could see Hauck getting a Junior College player to fill a position on the line. There are a lot of underclassmen currently on the roster, but I am not sure how comfortable Hauck and company is with the current list of linemen coming back. It is a guess as to how many they recruit to the o-line.
I honestly don't think it matters who is recruited if this coaching staff remains in place as it is. JMHO.
Overall, I think we need to focus on defense, especially the secondary. I realize they are young, but they were exploited all year. The O-line will be ok without any recruits because a lot of backups got time. Our recievers are ok but we need a few taller big playmakers.
You guys are missing one big part...We dont have a field goal kicker...The kids they had in camp this year certainly didnt look very good in practice. If our oc dosent pull his head out the only chance we have is with a good kicker.
Okay, I was trying to focus on positives here, and seemingly no one really cares. Obviously it is easier to hammer on Hauck and Phenecie than work on figuring out what is going to be done for next year. Yes folks is is the demise of the University of Motana football program.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but I just remember I am not Bobby Hauck, Phenecie or Craig Ochs. However, I am fairly certain that if this negativity that has persisted since the beginning of the Glenn regime, that there will be fewer and fewer people that can be happy going to Griz games anymore. I am fairly convinced we have become in many ways a bunch of spoiled children when it comes to the success of the program.

I don't believe in any way shape or form this program is going into the toilet. I believe Hogan made an excellent choice in hiring Hauck. Hauck is a stark change from the laid back style under the Glenn regime. This is a man who will do everything in his power to see that this program will not fall into mediocrity. Just give the man some time folks.

Honestly, I am not about placing blame on anyone for our 9-4 season. There were multitude of reasons for this seasons outcome. Lack of healthy QB's, decimated offensive line, depleated d-line, young secondary and a new coaching staff with concepts that was a vast change from the prior administration.

Anyway, I think that the recruiting process will have a decided focus on skill positions on offense. I do believe if we get an upgrade at the reciever position as well as having a healthy QB, we will see a dramatic upturn in our offenses diversity and effectiveness next year.
to get away from phenicie bashing or buttkissing, i'll get back to the topic at hand.

its clear the coaches will look for some qb recruits.
based on the very few passes thrown it will be harder to get who they want. already, some who looked like they were coming to UM have backed off some or completely, but at least one of those got a better offer.

rbs, i agree, i doubt they'll try for many. maybe one.

wrs, i think they'll try to get at least 3 maybe 4.
Though we don't really know what we have other than talmage, segars, JH, and hancock, as the underclassmen backups didn't play.
regarless of that i think we need a burner or two.

TE, i imagine getting one might be prudent, but not the end of the world if we didn't.

Oline. we should have brought in a JC trans last year so he'd be ready this year, but thats water under the bridge. we really should go after at least one JC right away to come in for spring ball.
and recruit at least 2 underclassmen.

and while a special teams player i'm hoping the Griz go after, with all their might, the kicker from helena!!!!
There are a ton of kickers/punters/atheletes available in Montana this year. The Damaskos kid from here doesn't have the leg as a kicker, but he can punt the ball (which is a mootpoint anymore) but he can also play two or three positions. The kid from Great Falls is legit as well as well as teh Helena kid.
I could see a bunch of Montana players signed again this year. There is a lot of talent in a few areas this year. There are a lot of great speed kids. Class B was loaded with them. Most of them would be project kids, changing positions and the like.
Other than Sundberg there aren't a lot of great QB's in the state of Montana this year. I think the two best were at the Class B level this year, Sundberg and Damaskos. That is why I think they will need to recruit out of state for a legit QB. Though you are right about the offensive philosophy it may be difficult to get the kid we want.
Recievers either we take a kid like Samson last year and convert him, or we go after a legit looking reciever. H-berger, Segars and Hancock were all players who played other positions in high school. We don't have a lot of great recievers, we have currently a multitude of great atheletes playing recievers. Alex Hazlett with this size, I am keenly interested to see how he does. I know that intially that coaches really like his size and speed. I am for bringing in someone liek Togar who runs great routes and knows how to play the position. THough it intrigues me to take someone like Damaskos from here and convert him...Cause I think he would make a great reciever.
is Damaskos still doing better than average at school work.
When he was at jr high he was doing accelerated math.
What i really liked about him was that he was very respectfull towards adults even though he was/is one of the "cool" kids.
Also, even before HS he had enough maturity that he could have passed for a much older kid.
His grandfather took him to a memorial of a close friend of mine(who lived on Vermilion PT and has since passed away) whom Damaskos only met a few times, and unlike most kids his age he didn't act like he didnt want to be there or put on the "too cool for this" attitude we see so much of these days.
If he still is as grounded as he was in jr high he would be an assest where ever he may end up.
I also have the feeling that he'd be a tough wr, not necessarily fast but good for possesion, blocking and fighting for that extra yard or two.

naturally, thats just my opinion. is it far off base?
two more things.

it sounds like that Kazmeirzak(sp?) kid will be a good one...can you work on him? like give him extra credit for wearing maroon and silver. (just kidding)

and secondly, i'm not a south park fan, but i think is super funny how the feminine male teacher says Mr Gare-Is-son. I was just curious if the kids toment him with that at Tfalls high? or did he retire?

PS, i can't imagine the ribbing you might get from mr dieterich. ouch! :oops:
24, with as much as you had to say about Class B kids I am kinda surprised not to see Donovan listed anywhere on your lists of kids to recruit. Do I think Colin will come to the U? No. Do I want him to? Probably not. Chances are he will go Division 1, but I still would like to see him get a little credit. Of course I am biased, but no one can say that he doesn't have talent or love for the game. He has the heart to believe that he will be awesome and the attributes to back it up. Anyways, just had to mention something to ya for not showing my boy some love!! :)

And mania, I believe Kaz is just a sophomore, but then I guess it is never too early to start looking at the good ones and that kid is definitely a good one.
I read Donovan went with WSU.

as for Kaz, he is indeed an underclassmen yet like you say, its never too early to pitch the Griz to him. Especially, in a place like t-falls where evil lurks in many classrooms in the form of MSU supporters posing as teachers!
24 is a stranger in a strange, but beautiful land. :wink:
All those you have mentioned, are still here. I am not sure that Garrison gets that much crap...and I don't here it much from Dieterich. He is actually one of the good cat fans.
Strange, yes, beautiful yes. There are a good many cat teachers here, I feel as if I am one of the minority. I must be careful in my support for the Griz. Though it does help that the superintendant is a Season ticket holder for Griz football.
As for Kaz, yeah he is legitimate D-1 player right now. His only knock might be his grades. He is a hard worker in school, but he struggles a bit. Damaskos despite being a bit off center, he is a goofy kid, is a fairly good worker and good kid. He has his mind made up that he can play at the D-1 or 1-AA level. He is bull headed. I am not sure what position he wants to play, I don't think he will be a QB at either level. He has a good arm, but his tallent isn't in throwing it, it is in running it. I have been working on him to get him to consider looking at positions other than QB. I didn't coach him, so I don't know that I carry that much weight. He is fixated on WSU. I told him go where he would get money to play. I seriously doubt WSU is going to throw him money.
Donovan committed to WSU. He is a legit D-1 player if he develops some strength. Most of the players said taht while he was big, he was a bit of a marshmallow.
Dietrich is a good cat fan? Too bad his son didn't get some of that.... :) And yes Colin has commited to WSU but with the way most of our boys act, that might change. Let's hope not though. Marshmellow huh? Maybe hearing that might toughen him up. :angel:
Recruits in Montana
Brown DE from Great Falls High - Can play in the Big Sky or bigger.
Bagley WR from CMR - Can play Big Sky or bigger.
Schulte RB from Great Falls High - Can play Big Sky or bigger.
Bolton K from Great Fall High - Can play Big Sky.
Sloan WR from Senior - Can play in the Big Sky.
Samson DB from Capitol - To small for Big Sky.
Nelson WR from Capitol - Questionable for Sky.
Beniger DL/OL from Capitol - Can play Big Sky or bigger.
Booth DT from West - Can play Big Sky or bigger.
Bolton from Great Falls High is a great receiver. He missed two games and his stats were still almost as good as everyone elses who played in every game. He may not be that tall, but he can make plays and is strong and fast also. He would make it in the Big Sky, he just need a chance to prove himself
Billie watches all levels but only talks about the good teams and those they've played against.. Go BEARS, BRONCS and FALCONS
Billie said:
Recruits in Montana
Brown DE from Great Falls High - Can play in the Big Sky or bigger.
Bagley WR from CMR - Can play Big Sky or bigger.
Schulte RB from Great Falls High - Can play Big Sky or bigger.
Bolton K from Great Fall High - Can play Big Sky.
Sloan WR from Senior - Can play in the Big Sky.
Samson DB from Capitol - To small for Big Sky.
Nelson WR from Capitol - Questionable for Sky.
Beniger DL/OL from Capitol - Can play Big Sky or bigger.
Booth DT from West - Can play Big Sky or bigger.

I agree about Bagley, and from what i've seen and discussed with some former Griz wrs the Griz would be lucky to get him.

Nelson may be small, but he is even quicker than the Samsom currently with the Griz and would do just fine...though i don't want to build a team of only smurfs.

As for Shulte, if by bigger than Big Sky you mean Idaho or Wyoming, then maybe. I don't think he'd play a down in 4 years if he was at WSU or UW or any other Pac-10 or MWC team. Just my opinion.

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