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One thing that I thoguht was a big problem in the games was that rarely, if at all our recievers actually got seperation in teh vertical passing game. Every time this year we have tried to go deep the reciever has always been blanketed.

The first play of the game was an example of this as was the uneccaary roughness call when the guy hit Heidelberger (?) after the ball had already hit the ground.

If the recievers cant get seperation it puts tons of pressure on Disney to make an exceptional throw. Disney needs things to be made easier on him and not harder the way that they have been going for him.

Once our recievers get steps on the db's and we can use a vertical passing game then that will open up both the running game and the short to intermeddiate passing game that it looks like Phenocie likes to use. Right now without a deep threat the defense can put more in the box and also play the short passes a lot tougher.

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