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Everyone keeps talking about all the talent on the Griz. Well, this is nothing but opinion. Anyone think that the talent level may not be as good as you all think. Anyone think that maybe everyone else in the conference has talent that is comparable. Everyone expects the Griz to blow people away, or throw the ball 50 times per game etc. But maybe this team is not as good as everyone thinks, and I mean the players as well as the coaches. Everyone knocks Hauck because he has so many starters returning, but I seem to recall that they lost 3 of the last 4 last season and squeaked several others out. Maybe it is the heart and never say die attitude that the Griz players exhibit that separtes them from other teams. I am not sold that the Griz are more talented then other teams. And is what Hauck doing that much different than what Glenn did?
I feel there is parity in the Big Sky conference this year.

I don't feel the Griz will dominate in most of the upcoming games.

Our offense is suspect and our defense is outstanding. Hopefully, we can gel during mid to late October.