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Question on Montanagrizzlies.com... Answer it!


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There is a poll question on montanagrizzlies.com, asking whether people would like to watch away games on the GrizVision... Go Vote and Answer!
Link below takes you there!

There is also a previous poll question regarding adding lights to the stadium (hot topic on this board), and which team the BSC should add if it expands (No. Colorado currently leads over Idaho, Utah State, and NDSU).
Why in heavens name would anyone want a school like N. Colorado that averages 5800 fans a game. Let's just make the Big Sky a huge joke.

We need schools like us that support their programs.
I voted,
but must comment.

A. When it's 327 degrees below zero, I for one will not be sittin in the stadium watchin the Griz, (unless the Sugarbears are there to keep me warm :lickout: )

B. Is it possible to move the Grizvision into the field house ? :lol: Drop it in through a slot with a crane, where it's warm and cozy?

C. About adding lights. Enough already...everything is fine the way it is. How about carnival rides too.
ronbo said:
Why in heavens name would anyone want a school like N. Colorado that averages 5800 fans a game.

I was wondering about that too - must have been a bunch of people from Northern Colorado. Wait until the NDSU people hear about the poll - I bet it will change pretty quick.
Unless something drastic happens in I-A and Idaho / Utah St. get demoted to I-AA without their approval, they will never be in the Big Sky Conference. Now if the Griz were to move up, it is conceivable that they could end up in the same conference. So you have NDSU or Northern Colorado to pick from... personally I would like both...

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