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question for system administrator

I think that's when the board was started, but of course for the first 25 years it was snail mail. Now that's rabid dedicated fans. :eek:
oh, didn't ya hear that I was the person who started the internet. This here Griz Page was the very forst website known to man. Cool fact huh?

Actually, there was an outage last week, not sure what happened, but when I got it up and running and ran a few updates, all the dates to the posts previous to the outage went to 1969. Kinda weird, there isn't any way of fixing it either. I'll change the date of the stickys.
Don't be ashamed egriz :oops: . After seeing your photos from the egriz.com world tour at State Line, I'm sure you had a reason to put "sticky" and "69" together. :D

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