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Q&A with Haslam on Student-Athlete Code


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Here's a recent Kaimin Q&A article with AD Kent Haslam on the student-athlete code, in view of recent incidents:

http://www.montanakaimin.com/sports/article_1ae0d0aa-b225-11e2-b956-001a4bcf6878.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Haslam is a stand-up guy. He answered all questions forthrightly at our spring tour luncheon in Billings yesterday. He will be tough on violators; his comment was that it seemed that playing time and scholarship money were the only consequences that register with today's players. Expect him to use it.
On a positive note, he indicated Poole is working his butt off to meet all the requirements of his SAC violation; he sounded optimistic he could be reinstated for the season.

He is enormously proud of the academic performance of the AD in the whole. The academic center, now fully funded, should break ground this fall on 100% donor financing. $2.5 MM; still requires BOR final approval even though not involving state funds. The weight room is not yet fully financed. The GSA contributed $500,000 to both projects.

Our contract with Appy puts us in control of game time. Pending TV arrangements, ytbd, he favors 7:05.

Separately, expect NCAA results in July or August, 18 months after start.
Q: Is there any plan to change the student conduct code rules to make them more deterrent based?
A: I think we need to come down a little harder. You hate to say that and do that. Every circumstance has a variety of things involved, but it seems to be punishment is a good deterrent. If we need to get tougher and stricter — which I think we have done with multiple game suspensions and full game suspensions — if that’s what it’s going to take, then that’s what we’ll do.

Now that sounds like the voice of conviction! Way to get tough, and take a stand.