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Problems getting started on NCAA 2004


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OK first of all I'm a dork when it comes to playing games, but the book for this one does not offer much help.

I can't find Montana in the team listings for FAVORITE TEAM, it's only listing 1A teams and the book or help button have no instructions for listing 1AA teams. Can someone take the time to tutor me?

Also once I choose Montana where is the main menu for setting up Montana in a league, setting up the skill level, etc?

The little book sure doesn't seem too helpful.

Any help would be highly appreciated.
Ronbo, Montana isn't listed in the team listing for Favorite Team. You need to click on Game Modes, then select Dynasty mode, then select New.
Hit Select, scroll down to Montana, select Montana. Use L1 or R1 to go through the conferences. Pick which conference you want the Griz to play in, then select which team you want to kick out of that conference. Montana will now be in that conference.

If you just want to play one game, just hit Play Now and all teams are listed.

Hope I didn't confuse you more.
Sorry, those instructions are for the PS2, don't know if other systems are different.
Also sucks we got a generic stadium instead of the real WG Stadium. Like you said... maybe next year.