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Pro Prospects


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Who are going to be the pro prospects from the big sky this fall? Who will be drafted and who do you all think will be a free agent? I think that the big sky has a wealth of talent this year and have a chance to send a record number of players to the NFL this year. 1st Big Sky Player picked will be Joey Thomas MSU, then McFarland UM, then Allan ISU, Clarence Moore NAU, Adam Cordiero MSU,.....those are just a few of my nominees....any others?
how many guys do you think will actually get drafted??? All of them??? I don't know about that. The BSC seems to be rich in talent this year and I'm excited to watch these premeire player battle it out. I think its gonna be Thomas, Allan them McFarland....the rest are free agents.

Tons of people get scouted every year, not all get drafted. I'm sure they're looking at 3-5 kids every year.
Thomas, if he stays healthy. Jared Allen. McFarland might get drafted if he has a great season, but he may have to go the free agent route. Clarence Moore of NAU might have a shot. Not many I-AA players get picked since the draft was shortened.