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Pro Day update


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Dan Moore has been invited to the NFL Super Regional Combine which takes place in the Dallas Cowboys stadium.

Gerald Kemp worked out as a QB in a regional combine/pro day held in Seattle. His 40 time and a lot of his stats put him on par psychically with some of the top prospect QBs. He got a lot of work in throwing the ball as well. He's hoping to also get an invite to the same Super Regional Combine, should know pretty soon.
There's no doubt that UM's success with a string of guys going to the pros over the past decade has opened some doors for guys that would never have had a chance otherwise. Lisowski last year and Kemp this year for example...

There is no denying how cool this is for these kids and something UM should be proud of.
Zach Minter, decent player for the other team, also got invited to the Super Regional Combine.
clawman said:
pussycatkillerz said:
Moore is gonna tear up the NFL
Even if he has to run with his head up???

Of course he is going to run with his head up. How else is he going to find the Safeties to hunt them down and run over them? :lol: