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Pretty funny Sportsticker awards


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By Doug Mittler SportsTicker College Football Editor JERSEY CITY, New Jersey (Ticker) -- The only thing that may be more plentiful than college football's roster of bowls may be its list of annual awards.

Quick, exactly what is the difference between the Outland, Lombardi and Nagurski Awards? Before you win a Heisman Trophy, you might go home with a Doak Walker or a Johnny Unitas, or even a John Mackey.

So in the spirit of the postseason honors glut, SportsTicker lists its own distinguished winners for the 2002 season.

THE FIRST ANNUAL TERRELL OWENS AWARD: Sacramento State. Named in honor of the San Francisco 49ers receiver, who gave a product plenty of free publicity when he pulled a Sharpie pen from his sock during a game.

Sacramento State wins the award with PAM, spraying the non-stick cooking substance on their jerseys so Montana players could not grab and hold. The problem was the players were dumb enough to spray on the stuff right in front of a Montana photographer.

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