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Preseason bold prediction or going out on the limb.


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This should be fun. Let's see who is up to the challenge. Predictions that are going out on the limb and a little daring, none of the givens going into the season (such as Tripp being an all american or Buchannan winner, that is likely to happen).

Jordan Johnson will get a lot of post season All American recognition.
GRIZ pass defense will become a strength as the season progresses.
GRIZ WR core will have over 2500 yards receiving for the year.
NikeGrizz said:
Canada and Van BOTH go over 1,000 rush yards

Nice, I thought of that one too, but got to thinking how deep we are at RB. Counts will get his fair share of carries, and if Favors does not redshirt, he will get carries too. I'd love to see 2 1,000 yard backs and WR's getting over 2500 yards receiving. That would be one hell of an offense.
hm.grwn.grizfan said:
Tyrone Holmes becomes an all American defensive end.

Nice, and very possible. Who will opponents focus on Holmes or Wags?

Another pick, Gamboa will emerge as starting safety by seasons end.
NikeGrizz said:
Canada and Van BOTH go over 1,000 rush yards

This, but just as important may be what Wilson and Hagfors do steamrolling people and this could be difficult to measure with a stat. I think these two are bruisers.
eGriz threads will actually last two full pages before they turn into useless pissing matches instead of just one page.
hm.grwn.grizfan said:
Caleb Kidder records double digit sacks.
UM ranks in top 25 pass D.

Does that bring us to 3 double digit sack guys on the line? Will the LB's have any sacks to add to the DL? Collectively, it looks like GRIZNATION is high on this defense.
After demolishing MSU, coach MD monkey stomps Rob Ash at midfield. After winning the National Championship he climbs a light pole like a ring-tailed lemur screaming "Kiss My Ass Naysayers!".
All wishful thinking, but here we go:

We register 3 interceptions against North Dakota and keep them under 300 yards of total offense.

Griz fans will be worried about how we are going to retain our coaching staff after the end of the season

Our defense leads the nation in sacks.

Hermanson gets 1st team BSC

Johnson tops the BSC in total offense, but rushes for fewer than 500 yards and none of our receivers have more than 600 yards receiving.