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Pre-Game Intro... What Gives??


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Not that this is a big deal, but what is the deal with the PreGame Intro, music, etc. I missed the first games opener because of the tailgate, but was left scratching my head when 'Welcome to Jungle' faded into some Hip Hop Rap song. Huh? :-?
Seemed to deflate the crowd somewhat.

I also missed the Michael Buffer Intro thing, and was equally confused when that started the second half. WTF??

Now this is totally anal, but I've made up a list of songs that I think would pump up the crowd, would be great Intro's ,etc. Any ideas who I can send this to? Not that I'd have any say in the matter, I'd just like to voice my opinion to the powers that be.

Speaking of pre-game.
Has anyone noticed that there is song played
by the group "Disturbed" titled "Stupify"?
I am wondering if anyone thinks songs with the F-word
repeated over and over are
good for events such as a Griz game.
Personally, I think its wrong. I'm not
advocating censorship, but at public places
common decancy should be the rule.
here are links to the song's lyrics. If you dont want to see swear words don't follow the links.

I've heard the song, but never noticed the F word, they play it on 96.3 the Blaze, but it must be a toned down version.

I agree, if they're playing the version with the Big F, it shouldn't be played.
Hello all, I know the guy that does the music pretty well. I actually work with him. If you want to post your ideas about the music, I can definatly talk to him and see what I can do. He was trying something new this past game, trying to apeal to the younger crowd as you might say. Let me know your ideas and I will see what I can do!! Go Griz
A few come to mind, I won't post my whole list as I might embarass (and age) myself completely, but here are a few which could pump up the crowd and Griz Players as well:

AC/DC - Who Made Who, You Shook Me all Night Long
Motley Crue - Girls, Girls, Girls, Wild Side, Kick Start My Heart
Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild
Guns N Roses - Paradise City
Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

And for those Country Fans...
Garth Brooks - Aint Goin Down till the Sun Comes Up, Friends in Low Places...

OK, I've totally opened myself up for attack here, so bring it on. So I have no hair but love 'Hair Bands', guess it's just my g-g-g-generation. :wink:

Be Kind, Jim
Just Kidding Jim. Everybody has a different view on what would pump them up for a game. I do think welcome to the Jungle kicks butt though. Paradise city as well.

As for me, I would like to hear "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" play over the speakers from time to time.
Ahhhhh ......

Music over the PA system at Washington Griz. This has been by far the easiest thing for my wife and I to forget about the Griz games!

LSU marching band just was awarded the trophy for Best in the nation. They freakin rock....and talk about pumping up the crowd!!!! They never play music over the PA here, and it is sooooooooo much better! This is where the Griz need to go in the future. We need a good marching band! The school band is a big part of college football that is MIA in Montana.

But...for now we have the PA system......To be quite blunt.....my wife and I, and everyone we've sat with for years at Wash-Griz, think that the music selections are......well, sad. Now, of course you should factor in that music is my field....so I may be a bit snobby when it comes to this subject, But I just do NOT think that butt rock (that music of the 80's with more make-up and hair than music)or gloom rock (music that tells everyone how we should go slit our rists because life sucks) are suitable for a wide range of people.

Yes Jim....I know.... when you bought your first case of beer with a fake ID, you stay up gettin loaded for the first time listening to Motley Crue, :lol: and it has a special spot in your heart.....but you average joe over the age of...say 45, does not share the same love for the screaming and guitar whinning that you have. They may even hate it. And the average person under say 25 just thinks that it would have sucked to grow up in the eights because of such music. (also Boy George!)

Now please realize that I use to spin Techno at parties. I love it....and there are no words top offend....but I realize that a lot of people just hate it with a passion. So I will not recommend it here.

So this is my recomendation...... I think in the general interest of everyone that more timeless music be played. Now pregame.....I think the players should pick a list. But during the game songs:

When the Griz Defense comes on to the Field- The Impereal March from Star wars. You know...the one they play when darth Vader comes out.

When the Defense holds and forces a punt- The Ride of the Valkeries by Wagner. This could also be used for kickoffs.

When the Griz get a turnover- The theme to Raiders of the Lost Ark. (you know...like we just got some treasure!)

As a general rule....movie songs would be good. The music in movies is put there to creat a mood.....and so it works. Plus it is safe...and everyone can enjoy it. Just a thought.....
Oh yeah....and the superman theme when we have a big Offensive play....

I'm sure you all can think of cool movie songs that set a mood....come on help me here.

I agree that most 45+ people can't stand my Motley.

But I also have a hard time getting pumped up by a 'band' that the crowd easily drowns out... I don't think the North EndZoners can even hear them when the crowd is completely silent. Something about flutes and cymbals just dont do it for me. We'll flutes maybe (bandcamp!) :wink:

I like your suggestions alot about the Movie Themes however.

You keep watchin the Bayou Boys and eatin craw-fish...

Talk to you later Brother! 8)
Okay if we are going with soundtracks--how about A Knight's Tale soundtrack. We sit next to a couple that have made a CD of songs they felt would get the crowd motivated (like that is a problem in Washington Grizzly!!)and sent it to the University for suggestions--wonder if it got anywhere!
Personally I think with that great new jumbotron I won't be caring what they play!!
Are we ready for Griz Football?? See you all this weekend!!
ok, I have talked to the guy that does the music during the game, and he would love your feedback. I am bringing him the posts from this board and he will talk to the university people and try and get a show that is suitable and enjoyable for all. I hope something good comes out of this, thanks for all your feedback!! Post more info after saturdays game and let me know what you thought. Thanks, eGriz.com
The music man...you missed out on a opportunity to play some Scobby-Doo Quotes...Yikes....And woh oh...etc. When we played the Great Danes.

You need to cordinate with the "pep band and the PA guy. All three of you at once is a bit too much.

You do pretty good, but you have a major opportunity to make game day more entertaining....think outside the box...

"I got a tiger by the tail"
"chow, chow chow"
other kitty litter commercials?

LIke...the "Grizzly Grizzly bear song" and then turn down the sound we we are suppose to sing...involve the crowd!!! Get it

you got to bring back the Buffer deal followed by the ESPN jock Jams!! Its just not the same without "Let's get ready to rumblllllllllllllllllllllllllle!!"
just a quick note...

The pregame music this time was put on hold due to Monte and an Athletic Coordinator(someone of the sort at least) being assulted by one or more of the ISU coaches in the tunnel just before he road out on the motorcycle. The media team/music team were scrambling trying to figure out who was responsible for the whole thing.

Did you notice the stick on the motorbike? There was supposed to be a flag on it, but it was ripped off by one or more of the ISU coaches.

Did you enjoy the rest of the games music though?

let me know, eGriz.com
I wondered what the heck that stick was for, since there didn't seem to be any use for it. I have thought it was a dumb idea all 3 home games this season to have Monte come out the same tunnel as the visiting team at nearly the same time. Monte comes out of the tunnel and gets about halfway down the field and then the boo's start to reign down on the visiting team.

I understand that its the only place to bring the hog into the stadium and its a cool bike and great entrance to get the crowd fired up, I stand up and scream and hollar when he comes in but if I were on the visiting team and he started to rev that up when I am standing next to him in the tunnel I would have a tendency to want to kick the crap out of him too.

I am not defending the visiting team we need to make it as hard on them as possible but I would understand if next time Monte came out of the tunnel with his bear head stuffed up his...