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Prayers to a GRIZ coach and family


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Prayers, wishes, thoughts, and condolences to the Tinkle family. Wayne loss his mother today. I don't know all the details. By the sounds of the posts on FB, they got to have their time with her before her passing.

Nonetheless, this family means the world to Missoula and GRIZ NATION, it is the least we can all do for the family.

Personally, I have never respected anyone more at Montana than Wayne and his family.
Sad news, you can't find a better guy and losing the mother that helped mold him into that guy must be tough. Lost my mother a few years ago, all the best to Wayne and his family.
...and you only get one...
...they cannot be replaced...
...sorry for your loss..coach...

... :cool: ...
My condolences and prayers to Wayne and his family. Tinkle is by far my all time favorite coach at University of Montana coach. Sad to hear.
God bless Coach Tinkle and his family as they deal with his mom's death !!! He's a good man and coach--a great ambassador for UM !!!