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Prayers needed........


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For the state of Colorado. The flooding is getting really bad there. I am renting my home there, and praying flooding has not gotten my home yet. If you have not seen any of the coverage, feel free to google search "Colorado Floods 2013". It is pretty devastating. Thanks all.
I heard there were dams breeching and walls of water that were 15-20' tall.
Hopefully your home is ok!!
My tenant told me the gutter could not handle the water any longer and will likely be falling off soon. Fortunately, no interior damage. Yard is a swamp though.
Hopefully it's on higher ground and out of the way of a main channel or river/creek bottoms!! Last I heard on the news was that same storm system is headed directly for Montana and another storm from Canada is gonna meet it around the Billings area around 1 am tomorrow morning.