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Power Play?


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Story I hear is Grizzly Bill Schwanke wants to start calling the Griz games on the radio again….and his friends in high places can make it happen. I personally like Mick Holien’s enthusiasm … you can tell he really lives and dies for the Griz. The only complaint I have against Mick (maybe I’m the only one that this bothers) is he says “the Griz are moving right to left on the radio dial” about 20 times a game. Once per half is enough. Does anybody care if this switch happens?
I like Mick also and I agree that he does say that WAY too often. His enthusiasm is obvious. I am used to Mick now, I wouldn't want to see a change.
Mick is aweful biased. Now I am a Griz fan but I would like to hear only what is happening in the game instead of all the fluff. I think the bobcats Dean Alexander does a very good job. I hear he is available. One other thing about Mick he sounds like the dotting mother whose son can do no wrong but yet her son is really the biggest pot head and thug in town. Any one is better than that Katz guy who does the TV announcing I almost shot myself listening to that DUFUSS.
I second that about Katz, I was looking forward to the KECI broadcasts just because I wouldn't have to listen to Katz, I don't much care for Toad Reed either but at least he is right more often than he is wrong. Katz got more stuff wrong than he got right when he was talking, how many times did he call Waller by Gober's name in the Weber St. game? Gober didn't even make the trip but his name got called so much it sounded like he gained about 100 yards.
Being an X-broadcaster myself I do think he has to look at both sides of the coin with not equal but close to, enthuisiasm when announcing a game. I do feel though in his defense that his energy,committment, and knowledge of Grizzly atheletic history and the overall organization of the statewide Montana Grizzly network is a program that is saturated with nothing but professionalism. What I can't understand is why either t.v. network that broadcasts the game doesn't contract with Mick to do the t.v. play by play also. He is by far more entertaining and professional. While I did like listening to Bill Schwanke in years past ,Mike is the Man. No use changing horses in the middle of the stream if its' not necessary and it isn't. Go Griz!
Schwanke is going to be doing the play by play next year because of a change in radio stations owning the rights, or something like that. It didn't have anything to do with Schwanke v. Holien. It was who they worked for. The last I heard, Gurnsey was still going to do color next year.
Did KYLT get the rights for broadcasting the games again? Or did some other station get the rights?