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Portland State next Saturday on CSTV Nation wide!


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I thought I'd get the ball rolling for next week a little early.

While everyone is still hashing out yesterdays game, lets think about this coming Saturday. National coverage! Washington Grizzly stadium, 23,000 plus fans! If CSTV thought that the stadium in Bozo land was great, just wait till they get a taste of Missoula! I bet they will have to turn their outside mikes down!

I don't know about everyone else but my "game day underwear" and "lucky" socks are in the wash today! I'm getting pumped all ready! Can't wait to see our offense march up and down the field again (in person)! Hopefully we can get some pressure on PSU's QB!

GGG, whatcha wearing? Are you going to "blend in" or "stand out"?

Anyone making any signs to unroll and hold up to catch the cameras eye? "Mom send money" or anything like that? It's hunting season so an idea for a unique sign (sure to catch the camera eye) would be something like, "Dad, its hunting season! Send more ammo!"

For those you who like to tell visitors where to go (nicely) I've included their email link below. They most likely won't have much time to spend here but they will still need to "eat".

[email protected]

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