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Portland Predictions..


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I'll be the first to throw out my two Cents...

Justin Wood has been sketchy at best.. he'll be dropped from the Payton Watch soon. Ryan Fuqua is their mainstay on Offense and PSU could try and key on the poor defensive effort the Griz D put up against SUU.

The Griz D is going to be RABID to redeem themselves, and the offense is going to continue to perform against a mediocre PSU defense...

Given the above...

GRIZ: 42
PSU: 17

Go Griz!
I can't pick against the Griz...because I'm not a moron...but I think this will be one of the tougher games. PSU has a ton on unfulfilled talent, and I think they will play inspired...they know this game can turn their season around. The Griz are coming off their first game where there was discovered there could be a chink in the defensive armor.

I'll say that John Edwards is going to have to make some plays late, with the game on the line, and he comes through for the Griz!

Montana 24
PSU 20

Go Griz!
Ok, here is my 2 cents as well. PSU will see some flaws in the Griz D in stopping the option and add in a couple plays in the game plan to key on that but it will not be enough.

Griz 34
PSU 21

PSU will get a TD in 4th quarter junk time to make it look closer on the scoreboard than it really was.
I finally realized why the Griz LET SUU run the ball well against them. It was to trick other teams into thinking that the D was sketchy against the run! It was all planned so that teams in the Big Sky would try to beat the Griz with a game plan of running the ball.....which we will shut down from here on out. Portland st. has as much talent as any team we'll see this year.......Plus, they would love to beat the Griz.......Plus, they are the last Big Sky team to do so.......Fuqua may get a 100 yards, but most of that will come in the second half with the Griz comfortably ahead.

Da Griz 41
Vikings 13
This may be a grit game, but, afaik, there is no Big Sky game Montana can't win against. You see, the Griz has already put the wheels in motion, and so, Montana should win this by a low-scoring dandito!

Montana 35
Portland State 14

Isn't that cool, everyone here on this board is choosing the Griz! No-brainer, of course... :)
I felt compelled to kick this to the top, just to toot me horn.
I shoulda put money on that prediction...
Ah well, livin' in Big Sky I usually can find some foolish Boobcats usually willing to fund the Grizzly Alumni, that is...myself anyways.

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