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Here is what Tony said about the Griz Fans...
The Saturday was defined, of course, by Montana beating Northern Arizona, a result I failed to predict. Now, I am able to handle picking a game wrong, in fact I’ve been able to handle it 53 times this year (the record is 180-53 (.773) in 2003). But Griz fans have irked the hell out of me this week with hundreds of "eat crow" messages, despite the fact that I heard from all of about three of them BEFORE the game kicked off. I was far less irritated about hearing from UM supporters after my pick of Sam Houston State over Montana in the 2001 playoffs went awry, since I heard from every Treasure State resident including the governor well before the Grizzlies took the field. You don’t have the right to litter prognosticators with abuse over results you weren’t brave enough to publicly predict, just like I can’t now take credit for signaling the decline of tech stocks in the 2002 economy. For those many wonderful Grizzly fans that already understood this phenomenon and chose not to berate, my apologies for the lecture.

Just for the record, when I addressed Kasper, Cummings and Katz, I didn't mention Tony Moss, nor did I email him after the game. Does this mean Tony hates the Griz? Doubt it... Was he miffed? Obviously. He'll get over it, just like the rest of us do.
No kidding, I am not suprised by some of the fans we have that he didn't end up with multiple bags of flaming dog poo on his front step on Sunday morning as a gift to his mis prognostication... The worst thing you can do in Montana is pick against the Griz, which is much like for many spitting on the grave of a family member.

Yes we do have some Griz fans who go to excess to prove that we are in fact not the rabid, insane fans that we are...when in turn that is all they prove. There is passion for your team and then there are Grizfans...

Here is the link...

Grizfan-24 said:
No kidding, I am not suprised by some of the fans we have that he didn't end up with multiple bags of flaming dog poo on his front step on Sunday morning as a gift to his mis prognostication...

Great idea! :wink:

Little over a year ago I wrote Moss an e-mail for not putting Trey Young on the Pre-season all-American team. I told him of his wonderful stats and how he would have a big year and to look for him. He wrote me back....one of the most pissed off emails in the history of emails. Since then, I do not write him any more......I think he has enough heartburn without me adding to it. So now I come to egriz and give all of you heartburn instead! :wink:

I do think it is funny when he picks against the Griz however......cuz I know that we are very well represented on the net.....and you know he gets more than a few emails when he does pick against us. :lol:
WOW... this is going to play well on www.i-aa.org message boards... There are some avid Delaware fans who will jump all over this one.... Wonder if he will pick the Cats over the Griz... :eek:
I can see a few "eat crow" messages, but it sounds like some when overboard. Heck, Tony is nice enough to support I-AA, and brave enough to make picks. I don't see any reason to beat up on him for making a wrong pick. If he made all of his picks right, he'd be in Vegas making big bucks.

I for one was not offended that Moss picked NAU over the Griz. That was his opinion, which, thankfully was wrong.
While I did not send Tony any emails positive or negative, nor will I probably ever. I must take exception to his quote,

"You don’t have the right to litter prognosticators with abuse over results you weren’t brave enough to publicly predict..."

Come on Tonemeister, we all make our predicitions prior to every Griz game on this site. (An awsome site, if I may say so.) Several Griz folks picked the Griz over NAU including myself, (41 - 31).

Just tryin to set the record straight, that's all. :lol:
Actually, Tony can't go to Vegas and make big bucks on I-AA games because there aren't any lines on them. (none that I can find anyway)
He made a point though. And maybe we shold try and not alienate our biggest national supporter. Moss loves the Griz or he did, so maybe those that noly emailed him after the game should apologize for not having the courage to call him on it before the Griz went out and dominated the game.
When I met Tony a few years ago, he was a pretty level headed guy but he admitted that he got more hate mail from Griz fan's than any other group. I have emailed him before for information, and he has always been kind. I can understand his frustration though. He essentially runs the 1-aa part of sportsnetwork by himself. Then gettin innundated with hate mail from Grizfans...

Easiest way to offend anyone from Montana...pick against hte Griz and get ready for retribution that would make satan blush...lol...
I thought about sending an email to Tony about his prediction but decided not to. If anyone does email him, the email should be along the lines of good-natured ribbing. He tries to call 'em as he sees 'em. He's not a jerk. He's a damn nice guy and the biggest 1-AA chearleader out there. He should be treated with respect. BE NICE!
How does supporting 1AA or being a nice guy or being "brave" enough to make picks relate to immunity when it comes to criticism? If it does get you immunity then some of us had better not criticise anything anymore. I'm sure there are some "nice guys", 1AA supporters and prognosticators registered on this board. Even if you can only claim 2 out of 3, shouldn't that count for something? I have never met the man in person...I have never e-mailed him...I don't even read his column. His picks don't affect how I pick and I'll support 1AA football wether he does or not. IMO if you can't take the spankin' then don't grab your ankles.
I have e-mailed Tony several times over the past three years. He has always answered, was very cordial, and formerly had a great appreciation for the depth of support that fans have for the Griz. He and I exchanged several e-mails during summer practice about whether Disney or Ochs would be the starting QB. However, at the same time, he told me of receiving more negative e-mails from Griz fans than from all of the other IAA schools combined! He commented that he feels such comments stating "that'll teach you to ever predict a Griz loss" are ridiculous. All of this stuff goes hand-in-hand with the overzealous bullcrap that I, as well as others, who have DARED to post anything critical about the Griz program, have been exposed to by a group of self-righteous, unobjective, Griz-until-they-die, individuals who are devoid of recognizing another person's right to have a different opinion than the one they have constructed in their minds through maroon-colored glasses!

If you jokers think it is wise to piss off Tony Moss, and, think that it is good for the Griz football program, then you are truly beyond hope! Tony Moss is the most powerful media source in the nation on IAA football. He knows virtually EVERYONE who is associated with the spport, including the people who make up the national rankings, as well as the seedings for the playoffs. Does it make sense to alienate a person like Tony? Two years ago, Tony thought Montana had the finest program in IAA. He was our biggest advocate on a national basis. After some of the negative e-mails last year, he became concerned. Now, after the onslaught from last week, I think he has done a 180 degree turn on the Griz. Now he thinks we're a bunch of egotistical, spoiled, arseholes!

I hope you guys are real proud of yourselves! You puff up your chest thinking you're great fans. But you've single-handedly done more harm to this program than any message board poster expressing dissatisfaction with the coaching staff EVER COULD! Call me negative, or anything else you want, but some of you need to loook into a mirror before you lable yourself as "good Grizzly fans"!
azgriz, you say the harm has been 'done'. Care to point that out?
Not trying to argue with you. Just that I am in the dark about any harm that has been done.
wow... am i hallucinating or what? Did I just read a post from AzGriz lecturing us about what it means to be a "good" Griz fan? Yikes... it's cold here but is hell really freezing over? :evil:
What harm has been done? Do I have to spell it out for ya? The very sportswriters who determine the national rankings, which, in turn dictate the playoff seedings, frequently consult with Tony Moss about IAA teams around the nation. Do you think these guys have the depth of knowledge about IAA football as Tony does? Many of the sportswriters are in the East, and know very little about the Western IAA teams.

In the past, Tony has been our biggest advocate, and I firmly believe his support of the high quality of Griz football has helped our national exposure, and even our national rankings. So what do some of our "fans" do? They alienate Tony, to the point of him thinking we're just a bunch of whiny, spoiled, non-objective, crybabies out here in Griz-land! He's made subtle hints about this fact in the past....specifically after we beat Sam Houston in the playoffs. Now, he has no doubt, after the onslaught of negative posts lambasting him for picking NAU last week.

The guys who sent him those e-mails know who they are! I've got a VERY STRONG FELLING that I could name quite a few of 'em from this board! So, be proud of yourselves, guys! You're really great Griz fans!
Tony has accepted our apology. (I've seen several E-mails) He also respects all the support and attention the Sporting Network receives from the state of Montana.

AZ I started reading this board after, I heard so much about you around the tailgates.

After, a couple of weeks I've come to relize that you are Frank Burns.
I cannot believe I am ging to say this...but in a way I have to agree with AZGRIZ on this subject :eek:

I wrote Tony Moss an e-mail yesterday, after seeing the post on here and his article, apologizing for anybody that has the "brassies" to e-mail him and tell him to "eat crow" or whatever else was said.

If it made National headlines....it must have been pretty vocal on the Griz Nations behalf. He is a National Sportswriter, who supports our team, and has too pick someone week in and week out. He Picked wrong!

The stunning fall from Grace comments irked me too...but hey. To e-mail him and tell him to stick it, or eat crow....?????

a sad day. He is a big advocate for the Griz, in a game where we have very little representation ( a sad true fact about any West Coast program - no matter what level of Football) in the National media.

Just my 2 cents

his e-mail address is:

[email protected]

hopefully GGG is right, as he posted earlier, this too will pass.

Go Griz!
I really can't believe this whole debate over nothing. Moss deserves NO criticism over his pick. For God's sake, what rational, objective observer would NOT have picked NAU over the Griz? None, that's who. Besides that, how did his pick hurt us in that game? I agreed with some posters here who said it was good for us to go into that game the underdog. The evidence seems to indicate that may well have been the case.

Shame on those who unfairly criticized/pissed-off Tony Moss! Now, let's get over it and move ahead with some great times watching our favorite team! :p
I appreciate the e-mail. I could go for a Moose Drool right now. Like I said, making wrong picks is part of the game. I just wish more folks realized what a no-win situation you're in when you make a prediction, never mind 20 a week. See you in Bozeman for the Brawl of the Wild.
Tony Moss
Executive Director/I-AA Football
The Sports Network

GARY wrote:

Tony, I haven't written to you before but I'm an avid follower of your studied commentary. I apologize for those GRIZ fans who would have you spitting black feathers. To tell you the truth most of us were afraid of the Lumberjacks in their house and your field goal margin was about where I thought we should be. They seldom lose games at 7,000' elevation. I don't pick against the GRIZ but I really believed we were the underdog. Keep up the good work and don't let a few boisterous GRIZ fans get under your skin! Open a DROOL and kick back! Gary Gregory, Kalispell, Montana