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Is it too late to enter the "Name the date of Craig Ouch's next Injury Pool"??? Please put me down for 10/11 :lol:
Is it too late for you to find your own board to post this mindless dribble?

:lol: Ok this is the funniest volley I have seen! Unfortunately I laughed so hard I had to take a Nitro pill. Thanks alot guys! (seriously I did have to take one. :D ) :lol:
Grizfans.... us chickens are tough birds, as you can plainly see as some of the Roosters pose for a group shot after a session of pumping iron!!! :lol:

NoGodGriz.... this here is a souvenir them Roosters brought home from that playoff meeting with them cubbies, it sure does look good layin on da floor of the Henhouse! :) :D :lol:

wow, this is the funniest thing I think I have seen on this board ever. Thanks GGG and chickenman!!

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