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Polson area Griz fans


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I would like to invite all Polson area Griz fans and anyone else to meet at the Glacier Brewing Co on the corner of Main and 10th in Polson for a beer or a great Root beer, on friday OCT 10 between 5-7 PM. It would be great to meet those in the area who support the Griz and hang out on the board. 8)

I will try to swing by, it just depends on what the rest of the family has planned for tonight.

I have never been in there but I have been meaning to go all summer (note to self: summer is over).
I will try and drop in!

Thanks for the invite!

BTW folks if you're ever in town, stop by the place.
They've got great beer.
My favorite is Golden Griz ! :drinking:

It was a small group but it was a good time, I think my favorite was the Otto's Octoberfest, they just tapped it today and only have it for the month of October.
Had a good time at Glacier Brewing this evening talking with the guys (and girls) over a few great beers. it was great to meet and hang out for awhile. Everyone have a great day tommorrow. Go Griz :drinking: