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Poetry Corner


Well-known member
Hauck-U's and Limericks to ring in the Holidays!

(For those that don't also read grizzlyboards - I am an equal opportunity rhymer now)

There once was a kid from Big Timber Montana
Head coach of the Griz he always thought of as Nirvana
He's run with the Dawgs and the Buffs
Both of whom exclaim he has the right stuff
And now he's back home to be the Griz top banana!

Let's welcome the new head coach of the Griz's
And also his new staff of coaching whiz's
He has the head job like his dad
He's a Montana grad
And so is his Missus!

Poetry corner
Overjoyed with coaching choice
New title Hauck-U

Rumors conjecture
Swirled like snow flurries this week
Welcome Bobby Hauck

Many worthy of job
Candidates list makes who's who
Of football coaches

Any fans worried
About recruiting this year
"Hauckeye" sees talent

Santa Hogan brought
His gifts five days too early
Happy Holidays

(I know I know - not my best work - but I'm on a deadline dagnabbit!)