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Poetry Corner - If I may be so bold - DAMN IT'S COLD!


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We're 9 and 0 against Sac State
Which makes it kinda hard to hate
So I don't give a damn
If they're covered in Pam
Against Sac a win means ten straight

Little HORNET's Blue, Got blown out by the Grizzlies,
The Griz D's in their backfield, The Hornet D's quite dizzy;
Where are their fans, these tickets are so cheap!
Under the stands, fast asleep.
Will you wake them when the Griz win the Sky?
Not a chance that'd just make them cry.

The itsy bitsy hornets
lost to the Cats in a rout,
down came the Griz
and blew the hornets out,
out came their fans
and all together they prayed
that the itsy bitsy hornet
could beat the Griz once this decade.

Stopping By Sacramento on a Saturday Evening

Whose field this is I think I know.
Their house is in Sacramento;
Hornets will not have much to cheer
After watching Grizzlies run and throw.

Their fans (all twelve) must think it queer
To spend a decade and not come near
To beating the Griz and ending the ache
Of the darkest evening of the year.

Hornet's give their heads a shake
And ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the *bleep*
As their offense bends and defense breaks.

The Griz are focused, sharp and deep.
But they have promises to keep,
And seven games to go before they sleep,
And seven games to go before they sleep.

(Appropriate apologies to Robert Frost)

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