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Players need to hear this...


All I can say is great job. I know it wasnt the end that you wanted, and to the seniors...you all were great, we love you and wish you the best in the future. Also, if ya think of it this way...WIU barely beat us, barely. They snuck by us (granted they played hard and fought till the end, good job WIU, congrats) with three points, and were werent really "on top" of things. I mean we had a little QB trouble, bad calls (maybe i dunno). Dont get me wrong, we played really good and hard (long!!), but what would have happened if we were "all over" things? I bet the outcome would have been different. To Snyder.....Dude! Great season(s), kinda sux how it ended, but you got so much talent and are gonna go really far. Dont let this get you to far down, Your gonna be GREAT!! 8)

To the rest of the players...All of you played great, no doubt about it!!

Me :angel:

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