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Play Cats earlier, take a week off!


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Just a thought. I wonder what the possibility is of changing the schedule so that the Griz have their off week just before the playoffs. Why is it we play the most emotionally charged game of the year just before the playoffs. Look what NAU was able to do with a couple of weeks to prepare, heal up, and get their game face ready. The same thing we did to Idaho. A lot of teams do that with success. Not only do we play a game, it is THE GAME. That has got to take a toll. Even the coach said that he couldn't deal with preparing for the playoffs until he could address his disappointment at loosing to the Cats. Granted, you don't know who you are playing two weeks in advance but it sure is a good time to rest, polish up your plays and prepare mentally for the game. In stead of taking three days just to get over a loss. Of couse, a win over the Cats might make it a little easier but even then you have do deal with the effects of winning THE GAME. Just a thought.
That's not a bad idea but you are assuming that the coaches would use the time to "rest, polish up their plays and prepare mentally for the game". I fear that this coaching staff would try and install a new offense, add several dorky new formations to the old offense and/or use the practice time to add a bunch of new "trick" plays. But hey, what do I know?
GSU, was noted for taking the week off before the playoffs...in the years they were good, it seemed to help...obviously in the leaner years it didn't matter.

It does give a team an extra week to heal and prepare.

Slightly off topic, but someone told me that the Griz will only have 11 games next year. I've not looked at the schedule in a while. is this right?
Yes, we try to have our bye week to rest up for the playoffs. After 11 games guys tend to get banged up and what a more important time to have all starting 22 healthy than playoff time?

UF takes their bye before the UGA game, looks like recently it's been working out for them.

Furman always takes their bye before our game, to them, it's the most important game of the year. With a 5-11 record against us you'd think they would figure out that it isn't working. :lol:
Western Illinois was idle while we were playing the Bobcats. A bye week has got to help at this point of the season, probably as much mentally as physically. You don't have to put in a bunch of trick plays or formations either. One thing you can do is self-scout your team and identify any tendencies you've developed over the season and switch out of them. I've never understood having the bye week in September after only a few games.

And I agree that playing the Cats and then having to get right back up for the playoffs is a dicey proposition. In fact, a couple weeks ago a player noted in the paper that last year they had a hard time focusing on the first playoff game because of the Cat hangover. Luckily, we drew a marginal playoff team, Northwestern State, in the first round. Many of those in the know, including Tony Moss, thought they should not have even been in the field.