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Pitcher for Montana is a #37 Special


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Pitcher for Montana is a #37 Special
Ralph Wallace, I-AA.org

They call the bearer of #37 on the Montana Grizzlies defense the "Designated Hitter.” Every year, a student-athlete on the Griz defense who is from the state of Montana is hand picked by the previous holder of the #37 jersey, to carry on a tradition of football excellence that was started by 12-year NFL pro and former Griz, Tim Hauck. The 2000 Big Sky "Defensive Player of the Year" Andy Petek made a statement three years ago about defensive end Ciche Pitcher when he passed down the coveted #37 jersey. Petek saw the magic that was beginning to blossom in young Ciche.
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He was so jacked when he came back ( 3 sacks in a relief effort if I remember right) I can only imagine what it must be like to play in that stadium and crowd.

I know I was pumped!!!!

he is awesome....a nonstop motor, kind of like Teddy Bruski (sp?) from iniv. of AZ, and I think still with patsy's. Could play at next level somewhere for the right team (maybe) if he stays healtyhy and dominates and leads us all the way to the NC!

I would agree with that statement...he is a special player. ( all of the J. Allen from ISU...who was very good, but no where near the dreaded performance I thought he may have against us! - good jb O-L)

Here is a question for you all:

who do you think he will pass it (#37) on too?

it's gotta be one of the young D-Line, but we have some aggressive young DB's?

just food for thought!

Go Griz!
Why did you say, he's gotta pass it to a D lineman? Because a DL has never wore 37?

How about Kelly Kain? I don't know if they plan on Kelly playing O or D.....but his dad has been on the boards, and he seems to be a solid young guy! :wink:
Why did you say, he's gotta pass it to a D lineman? Because a DL has never wore 37?

I say that meaning any of the down lineman/Defensive ends.

My brother was an all conference DL wearing #39 (Kind of a Nose Guard/Slanting end type...but playing against the big ugly's every down) not a traditonal down lineman # ( Like #78....my favorite for12 years)

I just thought that that pool of players vs. LB's and DB's I think contain the best young talent and spirit on the D to date. (But I like our young DB's as the season goes on!)

anyway who knows, just wondering everyones thoughts.

thanks for your response.

Go Griz!