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Phoenix, AZ


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Duke's Bar on McDowell/Miller in Scottsdale. The owner is a Butte Native and always has the game playing on at least one TV. It's the best place to watch the Griz/cat game, but get there early, the seats fill quick and the Fire Marshall is sure to show up before kickoff!! :drinking:
Duke's is OK. Al you can have. Griz fans followed Al from Doc and Eddy's. Al is a lot of BS and can intimidate fans of teams he hates. The biggest knock on Duke's in years past is that you would call them up and ask if they could get the game and they'd say yes and then you'd go to Duke's and order lunch and a pitcher only to find out they couldn't get the game.

Four years ago, after several of these bogus assurances, the hardcore Griz fans that watch every available game went to McDuffy's in Tempe (5th and Ash, 480-966-5600, down the street from Sun Devil Stadium). There we've had a prominent spot week after week that has become famous. McDuffy's is close to ASU so there's a lot younger crowd and much more eye candy (the Griz fans range from 22 to 72).

The thing about McDuffy's is that they've been loyal to the Griz through four years and very consistent. When the Diamondbacks were playing in the final game of the World Series, the only football game on in the whole bar was the Grizzlies. For the Sacramento game this year, Duke's shut the game off after the 3rd quarter so he could run his Karoke Night! That says it all to me. There are other things I could say, but won't.

We've got the latest Griz poster up by our screen this year at McDuffy's. Chris "eGriz" 's father came to Phoenix and he came to McDuffy's. And we have several Butte Rats that prefer McDuffy's. One even coordinated a Griz Fan Golf Outing last Sunday. Al never graduated from U of M, and I'm not sure if he even went to school there. Our alumni coordinator, Doug Miller '72, was the only alumni coordinator in Phoenix until Al made a coup last year.

For the westsiders, there's a McDuffy's in Peoria (15814 N 83rd Avenue 623-334-5000). Doug is the coordinator there also. And for those who want to go to Duke's, enjoy the game and I hope you have a wonderful time (you will). Doors open at Duke's at 11:00 and be prepared for a stampede when they open. We'll be at McDuffy's in Tempe at 9:30.