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Phencie is a pass first guy, be PATIENT.


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I'm telling you guys, Bear Assed, Silvertp, Geaux, AZ, etc. and the rest of the whiners. Phencie is a pass happy guy, always has been.


He has led the Nation or League in passing stats where ever he has been.

They are working in Ochs slowly. Here is the problem with a gimpy Ochs, you saw it today. The guy is a scrambler. The coaches hearts must have been in their throats several times today. Every time he goes back to throw, he might tuck it in and run. They DON'T WANT HIM DOING THAT. It's tooooooooo soon. They are rushing the ball to protect him. He is not 100% yet, hell he might only be 70%, the kid is macho and he could get hurt. Then you'll really have reason to moan.

They are protecting the quarterback, it's that simple. We're lucky they are even letting him play. But they know we need him.

As soon as next week or even Portland watch out. Phencie will start airing it out more and more. Today the defense, was playing 8 back most all day and they dared us to run and by God we did.

Now let them bring 8 to the line and watch Phencie air it out baby. If a team stacks the line on us and Ochs he'll tear them a new arsehole.
We've heard this bunk before - same story Wayne Hogan and Joe glenn told us about Ron Richards
All right Ronbo, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for one more week. But you gotta admit getting the ball 1st and 10 on the 19 yard line and running 3x's in a row was pretty lame a$$ sh1t.
RobGriz said:
All right Ronbo, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for one more week. But you gotta admit getting the ball 1st and 10 on the 19 yard line and running 3x's in a row was pretty lame a$$ sh1t.

I will give you that one. I expected something into the end zone there.

I did notice they were really playing back on us when we got close. The ones we did heave to the end zone today were well covered.
you shure yer mammy didn't done say postin' drivel is a wase a time? you mustacould be more like yer pappy. he alway did lik his sugah.
Christ peopel. Did you see the score? We won! It has nothing to do with play calling as far as no TDs. 4 turnovers does. Four! Not excusable at all. One of which was inside the fifteen, the other inside the 20. Inside where we should have scored at. Penalties and turnovers are going to kick our ass if we can't clean that up. Next week if we have 4 turnovers and stupid penalties... well I'll predict Idaho 31 Montana 12 (again). We have to take care of the ball. Lose the penalties and I'll give you a different prediction. Montana 28 Idaho 17.
Shaker - what I'm hearing you say is that our 4 scoring drives were as good as we should expect and not moving the ball in the red-zone it the actions of a Championship team?

All the Good Folks in Griz land will be happy to know this is the way to win!
Snyders going to rack up at least 27 more feild goals this year, 4.5 per game 6 more games

The Life blood of the Griz is the field goal cause we can't score no touchdowns, and you think that is a GOOD THING?
Hey argh! Where did you get that name? I know when you were small you thought that was your name because that's what everybody exclaimed when they saw your face.
In regard to the original post I agree. I think we'll see a lot more passing.

Two reasons.

one we'll face some passing teams that will do well and we'll need to pass out of necessity.

two, ochs will get healthier, and start passing better. he's already very good though.

ronbo can you clarify the part about Ochs scrambling? I don't think that he tucks and run too soon. he's VERY good at checking all his wrs before going...or knowing to run if he can see his coverage breaking down. We've already seen him stand there while defenders are all around him just feet from him and he's cool as the other side o' the pillow. :D
yer on to me rainbow, i ain't that pretty at all. but neither is the griz offense. it seems to me like you are trying to make them into a monet, when they are instead more like a van gogh, during his darker days. continually running from the formation they are using most of the time just doesn't make much sense, as it is not designed to run out of other than as a diversionary tactic. like myself and others have noted, handing the ball to a stationary running back 4 yards behind the line of scrimmage doesn't create many advantages for the offense. but whatever, go back to posing for your GQ spread, and be sure and tell us all when it is coming out!

I believe I saw Ochs had 6 rushes for minus 10 yards today. I'm working from memory here. Now 2 of those were sacks. So he scrambled 4 times on a day of 23 pass attempts.

I'm sure the coaches and many in the stands had their hearts in their throats on each of those runs.

Odds would dictate that if we had 46 passing plays today there would have been 4 sacks and 8 scrambling runs. Thus doubling the chances Ochs takes a vicious hit to the head or ankle and is lost for a couple games or maybe the entire season.
there was one designed qb run. evidently the coaches weren't too worried. and if memory serves if he hadn't scrambled he'd have been sacked like he was the other times. he's the farthest thing from a nervous qb we've had in a few years.
Hey Rainbow, did your mother have any children who lived? Now you're telling us how wonderful Phenicie is at the passing game? Uh, he led the nation? In what, fewest points produced per offensive possession? This guy couldn't lead the Little Grizzly league in passing! His offense is so unsophisticated, that it is the laughing stock of the league. Let me share a little ditty with ya, Rainbow! We are, and have been every frickin week, at the BOTTOM of the Big Sky in both passing and total yards. Here's another ditty for ya....we've got 9 of 11 starters back on offense from a team who was 2nd in the Big Sky in total offense last year. I wonder, is it the player's fault that we LOOK LIKE A HIGH SCHOOL TEAM ON OFFENSE?????

I've been reading your numerous posts, and it's very obvious to me that you should use confectioners 10X in your java each morning. You know as much about football as Eva Gabour. I hear that they need posters over at www.marthastewart.com
Phencie is a pass first guy, be PATIENT.

I think you are dead wrong....I am pretty convinced his is a run first or believes he has to establish the run (No matter how many guys in the box) and the other teams know it too.

we cannot win this next stretch of games playing like we did yesterday.

With Ochs in there we can throw for 300-375 yds per game, and still run the ball quite a bit.

Give credit to our OL they are doing a great job...since these D coordinators are knowing exactly what we are "running" at them. OVER & OVER & OVER!

I just can't help but think there must be a lot of confusion going on there in the OC box. (or his head, or between him and Bobby...who knows)

Just my opinion...but when they hired him, more than one person I know shook there head and said :eek: WTF?!

and his play calling has even more (including die hard Griz fans) saying WTF?!!!!! :eek:

I will say I see lots of promise (but look at all of the athletes we have....we have more than "Promise"we have proven players)....

hey.... I like that we can run the ball on almost any down and distance...but come on!


Your best players gotta be utilized...Ochs, Talmage,JH,etc.

enough of that preaching to the choir.....

Go Griz!
I've said this before ... if I 'm told one more time to "be patient" with Phenecie I may lose what little mind I still have. My God, we are six games into the season, halfway through the 12-game regular season -- if this OC doesn't have the offense in place yet, we are in even deeper doo-doo than I think we're in. I recognize that there have been injured quarterbacks and all that, but a GOOD offensive coordinator STILL puts his offense in place, makes a few adjustments to suit the available personnel and goes with it, expecting the kids on the team to do the same. Instead, we hear that he is "protecting" freshmen quarterbacks, that there will be lots more passing "when Ochs is 100%," and all sorts of other nonsense. Holy crap -- are we going to have a different offensive scheme involving a whole different set of players every week, while the OC tries to figure out what the h-ll to do next??? My patience is gone!
Phenicie a pass first guy?? ronbo, with that statement your credibility has just tumbled to a new low. Talk to some Wyoming folks, get on their chat room, and you'll find out how totally wrong you are. He was not a favorite of Cowboy fans and nothing in his past suggests any improvement in the Griz commitment to the pass.
actually, when phennie was at Northridge they were pass oriented.

At wyoming they had pass yards too, but that would have to be the case as they were usually behind.